Monday Morning

Time change. It makes getting up a little difficult the first couple of days and leaves me yawning as I blog in front of a dark window when I’m used to having a beautiful view of a soggy field. And it’s Monday morning. That means several things, the first one being that I have to be at my non-writing job by 8:00 and so I’m running around combing my hair and putting on my socks while blogging. 
My brain is rushing ahead, trying to figure out everything I still need to do this morning and reminding me that getting up at 6:30 is not early enough. My two little indoor pets, Peter Rabbit and Autumn the Rat, keep me company and watch me curiously as if they’re confused at the interruption to their early-morning snoozing. 
I light a candle to give me the illusion of a peaceful morning and brew a mug of tea which I drink out of the special Noveltea mug my cousin gave me a couple years back. I stir Stevia into my tea with one of the special antique stirring spoons I bought at a “trunk sale” in England and listen to uplifting music by Newsboys (Committed is one of my new favorites). 
Every few seconds my eyes drift up to the clock in the upper right corner of my computer to make sure I’m not going to be late. I take a sip of my tea and my brain jumps around, reminding me what I need to pack in my computer bag and including a banana in the list. 

Through it all I can’t shake the feeling that I am incredibly, amazingly, beyond-belief blessed. I am loved by God. I live in a country where I’m free to worship Him. I have hopes and dreams that have a very good chance of coming true if I work hard and smart enough. I have a family that cheers me on. Noveltea’s readers join in every week and share my triumphs and trials with me. I can read, write, think, reason, and understand. I have the ability to make choices.

I have two jobs (my writing and non-writing) which I enjoy and am stretched by. I have food to eat. Shelter. Memories. Books. I have health that allows me to actually get up in the morning and work. I can make a difference in the world. There’s a box on my writing table full of various white chocolates given to me by friends. I have little children at church who run up and give me hugs each week. I share inside jokes with friends.

The list could go on and on, but since I want to retain that enjoyability I mentioned from my first job, I’d better end here. I’d be delighted to hear some of the things you’re happy for this morning.

* * *
By the way, this giveaway is over and the winners have all been contacted, so if you’re a winner you should have gotten an email letting you know. There are still two giveaways in full swing on Noveltea, so make sure you check out this one and this one.

* * *

It’s that time again where we get to choose where Annie goes for this week in our Friday Series, Around the World in Fifty-Two WeeksAnd the destination is: Reunion Island! 

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