Fifteen Tips I Wish People Would Have Told Me About Blogging Four Years Ago

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I’m not an expert blogger by anyones standards, but I thought it would be fun to share some tips I wish other bloggers had shared with me four years ago before I began my voyage into the sea of blogging. 

Fifteen tips I wish people would have told me about blogging four years ago:

1. It will be a ton more work, and a ton more rewarding, than you’ve probably imagined.
2. Growing your blogs readership and pageviews will be a long, looonnnnggg, time consuming process; but if you’re serious about blogging, it will be worth it.
3. You will meet amazing people through blogging, and eventually become part of the amazing blogging community if you invest time and energy into it.
4. Having an easy-to-read, uncluttered, and navigable blog is a must.
5. No one wants spam comments, but having comment moderation or captcha can deter people from leaving comments altogether.
6. Don’t freak out about people stealing your work, but at the same time make sure you don’t steal anyone else’s work.
7. When you don’t feel inspired with a post allow yourself to take a break or switch to a new post. If you’re bored with what you’re writing, chances are the readers will be, also.
8. Step out and ask questions. Email your favorite bloggers. Comment on posts. Search for blogging tips. Bloggers like to see new bloggers succeed and are often willing to help them along the road.
9. Don’t be a needy blogger – if no one comments on your posts don’t complain about it on your blog. Instead, ask questions and try to engage your readers.
10. Try not to take it personally when someone un-follows your blog.
11. Create your own style. You’re unique and people will read your blog because they like you, not because you sound like so-and-so.
12. Try to blog with rhythm and balance.
13. Easy to remember blog titles and addresses are the best and you want to label your posts so that they show up in search engines.
14. Taking part in link-ups, blog tours, doing interviews, hosting contests, and commenting on other people’s blogs are great ways to expand your blog’s range of influence.
15. Decide how much blogging really means to you and how much time you want to invest in it, then run with that and don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by more successful bloggers.

* * *
Let’s share the fun! If you have a blog, why don’t you leave the links in the comment section so I can come and visit you. 🙂 And, if you *don’t* have a blog, you can either leave a link to one of your favorite blogs, or tell me what you would blog about if you did have a blog. Thank you for being a part of my blogging world!

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