Questions from Hosanna and Melo

Today I have two of my amazing friends on Noveltea with me, Hosanna and Melo. I’ve known them for years and have had some pretty crazy adventures with them, including going and staying with their family for a month in Indonesia. While there we hiked up mountains in the dark, ate snacks on huge rocks after standing under really tall waterfalls, played hundreds of games of Rook, had uncountable water fights, and made tons of memories

For the last two years or so Hosanna has been my blogging/writing buddy… Meaning, most mornings I chat with her online as I’m writing my post and often times send paragraphs to her when I’m part way through asking “Does this make sense?” or “Is this too weird?” I also rant to her a couple times each week about how my writing isn’t coming together, or chatter excitedly when it is coming together. She helps my brain not explode while I’m doing tedious editing and encourages me to keep going when I’ve hit a roadblock. 

This morning we decided we should do an interview where they ask me questions, so without further ado, here we go:

Melo: What’s your favorite day of the week, and why…
My favorite day of the week is Sunday or Monday. 
Sunday because I love getting to go to our church and hang out with our church family, plus I generally play games or read in the afternoon, and that’s totally a win. Monday because there’s a whole week ahead of me, just waiting to be redeemed. New beginnings are absolutely wonderful and Monday is one of the best new beginnings. Plus, I have a weekly meeting at work in the morning and Bible Study in the evening. I thrive on the routine.  
Hosanna: What is your favorite fiction book (as of this last year)?
This is obviously an impossible question to answer. There are several books that I’ve read and reread multiple times and they feel just like old friends now. One of those books is Over the Divide. I probably read that book a couple times each year and find it beautiful and touching each time. 
Melo: If you could be an animal, what animal would you want to be?
I would probably chose to be a dog. That way I could roam all over the woods, come home and have food and care, plus bring a lot of happiness to people. 
Hosanna: If you could pick to live in the past what time period would you chose?
Oh. Wow. This is a hard one. I can think of a fictional time period I would want to live in, but it’s a lot harder when we’re talking about reality. Ohh! Never mind about that. I would choose to live in the Garden of Eden before sin entered the world. 

Melo: Where is your dream place to live?
I’ve always wanted to live in Alaska for a year. I don’t think I’d want to spend the rest of my life there, though. But just think, Land of the Midnight Sun. And, of course, Land where the Sun Doesn’t Shine. Both ideas make my brain turn into a frenzy of activity, trying to imagine what life would be like there. 
Hosanna: What is your favorite time of the day, and why?
My favorite time of the day is early in the morning before everyone has woken up and late at night after everything has quieted down. It’s so peaceful and still and I find it much easier to focus and soak in the moments. I also really like being in my office around 3:00 on sunny afternoons when the sun is pouring in through the windows and filling my world with a warm glow. 
Melo: What is your most common nick name….?
Aidyl. It’s my name backward and I have a whole group of friends who never even call me my original name. I like both my names (Lydia and Aidyl) a lot and use them synonymously. 

* * * 

I know I enjoy being able to find out some of the “Behind the scenes” about bloggers I know, so if any of you have questions for me, you can ask them and I’ll do my best to answer them. 

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