February 2016 in Review

What I Focused on in January: 

1. My non-writing job (we had a big event going on in Florida and that took up the first half of the month)
2. Working through and reconfiguring When Life Hands You Lymes
3. Being at my adopted parent’s cabin and helping with the dinosaur

Birthday Challenge and Dream List Update 

2. Pray the “prayer of Jebez” every day for three months {Completed in December. +2}
3. Read the whole Bible {Ezekiel}
6. Read 12 non-fiction “spiritual” books {3 of the non-fiction books I read this month fit}
7. Read the Proverb of the day every day for six months {5 months}
12. Go to bed at 10:30 or before 24 nights (not in a row) {3 nights which equals 25!!!}13. Write a monthly review on my blog within 5 days of the end of the month whenever internet is available {5 months}
15. Write 24 book reviews {4}
18. Go, see, visit, experience or explore something I’ve never done before 24 times and write it down
20. Track all the money I spend for 24 days {Completed in January, but also did in February}
23. Read 24 non-fiction books {4}
24. Read out loud for 24 hours {1 hour}

Reading Update

Fiction: 1
Non-Fiction: 4
Reviews: 5 


Nights Gone: 22
New Countries or States: None 

February Goals 

(Which I sadly never posted on Noveltea)
1. Do 80 hours of my non-writing job – YES, plus more!

2. Do 80 hours on my writing job – YES!
3. Read and review 4 non-fiction books – YES!

What I’ve Been Learning

Of course I learned a lot about the countries in our Around the World in 52 Weeks series: Tibet, the Netherlands, England, and the Falkland Islands. I had fun diving into the history and cool facts about those countries, as well as trying to figure out the best places to visit. 
There was also a learning curve I rode with my non-writing job. It was stressful at times, yet very rewarding and I enjoyed it a lot. 
Music. Specifically the piano and violin. I haven’t been learning to play the instruments, mind you, but more like what it feels like to play them. I’ve spent what felt like endless hours researching, reading books, emailing/messaging people, and soaking it all in. My brain has a much better grasp on the subject now and I’ve been very happy that I chose writing, not music, for my life. 
I’ve also been learning to let my mind change and to be willing to listen to what other people have to say in regards to my writing…Specifically When Life Hands You Lymes. It can be hard when I really don’t want to change. It’s good for me though. 
The books I read were insightful, even when I didn’t especially enjoy reading some of the chapters. I also read a fair amount of book reviews and the first several pages of a bunch of books online. I find this very helpful in figuring out what makes a good book and what readers are looking for. 


One day when I came in from taking a walk one of my good friends was standing there and asked if I wanted to train to run a half marathon with him. Of course I was all in, and so the training began. That was 15 days ago and since then I’ve walked or hiked 35 miles, including one 7 mile day. I’m excited about this new challenge. 
I only had one week home in February, but it was a good week. I was reminded of how very, very much I love our church. I listened to several of the sermons online that I missed by being gone, but it wasn’t the same. I’m so very extremely thankful for our church and church family. 
As you probably know, my latest book that was published a year ago came out in Spanish! I’m still a bit amazed by that. I’m really excited to see where it goes and I pray that it can be used to help lots of people learn about God’s amazing creation. 
February was an amazing month and I’m so excited to see what March has in store for all of us. The next 31 days are stretching ahead of us, ready to be filled and redeemed and explored. Yay!
* * *
What are some things you learned or experienced in February? 

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