Why I Blog the Way I Do

My blogging ideal is pretty simple: Blog the way you wish other people blogged. Back before I blogged I read different blogs and picked out what I did and didn’t like about them. 
The list of things I didn’t like was pretty consistent: 
*Bloggers always apologizing for either being late or missing a day posting
*Not having pictures of the blogger or their surroundings 
As a visual person I found it difficult to view the blogger as a real person 
*Author bloggers who never posted anything non-writing-related. 
I get that, I really do, but eventually I lose interest because I want to read blogs where I feel as if I’m getting to know the writer behind the posts
*Poorly constructed sentences, incorrect grammer, boring topics, and posts that screamed I don’t care enough to take time to make this better
*Black backgrounds and bright multicolored words 
*Extremely inconsistent blogging
*Bloggers paranoid about people stealing their work and often referring to copyrights
*Not being able to find a way to contact the blogger 
*When my comments were never replied to 
*When a blogger has a schedule and each day is pre-planned: Music Monday. Wordy Wednesday. Fun Friday.
I’m certainly not saying all of these things are wrong and I get that some people would actually prefer those styles to mine. Yet instead of trying to wade through all that and constantly second-guess myself, I decided to just go with what I liked. That way I would most likely attract readers who had at least some of the same tastes as I do.
The list of things I do like in blogging: 
*A constant blogger who I can count on, yet doesn’t apologize when they’re late 
I’d be delighted to have your feedback on this one. I decided way back when to never say “sorry” for being late on my blog because I found it so irritating coming from other bloggers. So far I’ve kept to that standard. There are times when I am sorry though. Like when I totally missed posting on Tuesday (I was almost ready to publish a post, by the way, then things came up and I never got back to it). Would y’all like me to say I’m sorry when I miss a day? 
*Bloggers that have a picture/pictures of themselves in an easily looked at place, such as on the header or by the author bio. Also, if said picture also helps show their interests in life, that makes it so much better.
*Interesting About Me pages. 
I get that some people feel it’s prideful to write a section all about themselves, but I think it’s quite thoughtful in helping readers be able to relate. I’m not saying we should brag, but why not go ahead and give people a little glimpse into your life?

*Bloggers who either post their email address or have a contact form so if people have questions that they don’t want to publish as a comment they can still reach them, and when they do get a comment, they reply quickly 
Being accessible is key. I’m still working at learning to reply in a timely manner; I am getting better though. Comment/email away and test my response time if you feel so inclined 
*When a blog has correct grammar, punctuation, easily read font, and clearly seen words… Wow. It really does make a difference. 
I know I still have grammatical mistakes and typos quite often, that’s not for lack of trying. I actually re-read my work a lot. It’s just I don’t catch everything 
*Bloggers who blog about a wide range of things: Writing, book reviews, life, art in general, etc… 
I realize I’m quite possibly in the minority here, but it’s what I like so I’m guessing there are other people who enjoy it as well

What about you? What are some things you do and don’t like about blogging? Also, I’d be delighted to hear what y’all would like to see done differently on my blog. Please, I really do want to get better, so let me know!

* * *
As you can see, I’ve arrived back home. Yay for home! Yay for snow! Yay for a wintery winter! I got back a little before midnight last night and as nice as Florida is, after being gone for half of 2016 so far, I am extremely happy to exchange it for the cold snow of home. 

6 thoughts on “Why I Blog the Way I Do

  1. Esther Filbrun says:

    Ah, that's what it is! Since I started following Noveltea a couple months ago, I've been trying to figure out why I enjoy it so much. You've just answered my question: The randomness of it, and the un-forced feel about the blog posts. (And I can now see the difference in the blogs I enjoy, and the blogs I don't enjoy so much.)

    Just recently, I posted a couple new posts–mostly about my daily life–on my personal blog (that has a good number of followers, but I rarely remember to update it). I remember noticing that even though it had been almost six months since the last post, I was suddenly averaging 30-40 page views a day. I was trying to figure out the difference between that and my website's blog, which has very few page views. I see now that the difference is that my personal blog was un-forced and just random thoughts, whereas I always feel the pressure to share something profound every single time I post on my website's blog. Aha!

    I think I'll be changing some things, very soon.

    I also think I need to remember the thought more often that “If you enjoy writing it, then others will enjoy reading it. If you don't enjoy writing it, no one else will enjoy reading it either.” I know that's highly butchered, but the idea is there.


    I agree with everything in your post. I hate it when people say “sorry”, especially if it comes up frequently. I understand; you get busy and you just can't post some days! I do need to make sure I don't say sorry myself, though–I have been guilty of that before.

    I HATE black backgrounds! There is one author who I just started following who has a black background on her blog, and I usually end up highlighting the post so I can have white on blue text–helps a little.

    Paranoid about stealing? Yes, yes, yes! It is really annoying, and one reason why I don't read most of the posts of another blog that I follow. People who steal will go ahead and steal anyway, even if you say a lot about it!

    One more pro I might add to the list of things I like in blogging this way…having a blog that doesn't have a particular “niche” means that we share whatever comes to mind at any particular time. To say it in writing terms, our blogs become dynamic, well-rounded characters, instead of being flat one-dimensional characters. Just about everyone has their own wide range of interests, and when that is shown through the blog, we can connect a lot better. Just as we don't connect very well to one-dimensional characters in books, we also can't connect as well to one-dimensional blogs.

    Maybe you've already said that, but that did come to mind as I was mulling over this post.


    So now I'm curious…in all the research I've done about having a good blog (which, granted, isn't as extensive as it should be), the idea is put forth that you should have one main topic to blog about. Something having to do with good branding–people will know what they'll be getting from you whenever they come to visit. A blog like Noveltea, that I enjoy, has posts about lots of different things. Is it possible to still have “good branding” even if you don't consistently write for your targeted niche in the blogging world? Should you even worry about having a targeted niche?

    Again, thanks for the great post. Hope you don't mind long comments!


  2. Zachary M. says:

    I second the motion on “no apologies needed.” I don't feel like every blogger I follow has an obligation to provide me with interesting content every single day. I really prefer blogs with less frequent posts, because I have limited time to give to such things, and less frequent postings can translate to better quality on each one.

    Actually, reading over your points, I don't find a single one I wouldn't agree with. I am especially picky on spelling and grammar, which I hope doesn't make me too annoying as a commenter. 🙂

    I do really like the variety in your blog. It does grow somewhat tiresome to see nothing but photos from photographers, opinions from pundits, etc. A well-rounded blog lets you get to know the author somewhat, which is neat.

    As an aside – do you often wear flip-flops in the snow?? Brrr….


  3. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Wow, Esther! I don't think I've ever gotten this long of a comment before. Thank you so much for breaking the record! Long comments are great. 🙂 Let me see now if I can answer everything you addressed…

    I’m so glad you like reading Noveltea. I know I have a style that a lot of people probably don’t like, so it always makes me happy to find other people who *do* like my style. Yes, I’ve discovered just like you that sometimes it can be hard to keep a more “professional” blog going. It’s just harder to connect… And thanks for sharing the thought about when we enjoy writing others will enjoy reading… That’s good to keep in mind.

    I’m glad you agree with me on my “no-apologizing-for-not-blogging” policy. 🙂 It’s good to know people agree with me.

    Ah, that is a pretty cool pro to my style of blogging. Thanks for pointing it out.

    I’m no expert on blogging and of course I probably do a lot of things the wrong way, but I consider my “branding” and my “main topic” to be The Life Of A Writer, or as it says on my header, “The Whimsical Adventures of an Author.” I want to help people understand the way an author’s mind (or at least this author’s mind) works, and to understand the struggles and joys that are gone through while on the writing journey. I hope it will help inspire and prepare other writers, or just people in general.

    Again, thank you for your long comment. 🙂 Keep commenting!


  4. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    I'm glad we agree on the apologies issue. 🙂 And, as far as people blogging less often, I totally get that! I blog five times a week (most of the time) because I throughly enjoy it and it's a part of my routine and lifestyle. I feel as if it helps me grow and keeps me consistent. I definitely do *not* feel as if people have to keep up with everything I write though.

    Ah, no, I'm glad for the help with the spelling and grammar. I'm always hoping to improve Noveltea and that is one very practical way to make it better. Thank you. 🙂

    I'm quite happy that you like the variety of my blog. I'm very much of a “behind the scenes” person – after watching a DVD the “extras” are almost better than the actual movie. Same thing with books, I love to research authors and find out what makes them go or musicians and find out what inspired different songs. This blog is kinda like the “behind the scenes” to my own life.

    Haha, no, I don't often wear flip-flops in snow. It generally only happens when I get home from Florida and I'm going inside for the first time. 🙂


  5. wespeakjapaneseandenglish says:

    Great post. I shared it. I personally was reluctant to show my face for a long time, due to privacy reasons. Also don't like to show my email. But agree on other points. Personally, I don't like a blog that seems to have the goal of selling me something. I don't mind if the blogger makes money from her blog, but it shouldn't be all that.


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