A Little Post of Happiness

A lot of y’all have probably heard me talk about Sarah, my wonderfully amazing best friend. You know, she’s the one who moved from across the world and now lives only a few minutes down the road and I have a ton of fun hanging out with her and making memories and laughing and talking and all that kind of happy stuff. 
Well, for Christmas she gave me this delightful snowman, only I didn’t realize that it was mine. It was sitting there for several days and I kept stopping to look at it because it was so cute and made me smile, but it actually never entered my mind that it might belong to me. Then on Christmas day she brought it over to me and I was thrilled, needless to say. 
Inside of the snowman were a host of fun things like balloons and stickers and pickles, but the best part was the lamp she gave me for my office. Now my evenings and early mornings are so soft and cozy because I can have a dim light instead of the bright overhead ones. Sometimes I just sit in my office without doing anything besides soaking in the stillness of a beautiful and peaceful night. 
In addition to the cute snowman, Sarah also wrote me a poem about my writing. It’s not the first poem Sarah’s written for me, but it was the first about writing. I couldn’t stop smiling at the word pictures when she first read it to me. 
I decided to share the poem with you and maybe it will inspire you with your writing as well. 

Oh Lydia, my author friend 
Your writing skills I will commend
You have the best imagination
That helps you in your contemplation
Right from your mind, there leaps a thought
And soon a story line is wrought
That begs you then to write it down
And in your brain it jumps around
And as it bounces and it skips 
It hops right out your fingertips 
And when I come to take a look 
Oh my! It’s resting in a book!
Right there it travels the world around
To share it’s life without a sound
Out there to do it’s maker’s plan 
To bless a life wherever it can. 
~Sarah H. 

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