Reminiscing about Africa and Friday Series Destination Announced

A year ago yesterday I left for a two week trip in Ghana, West Africa. I’m in a reminiscing mood, so I decided to post some photos of my time there. There are so many memories wrapped up in each one of these snapshots. 
The landscape was so colorless and the people so colorful and together it made a beautiful picture. I was privileged to attend a wedding out in one of the small villages and even though it felt unmercifully hot to my winter-accustomed body, I am so glad I could go. It was unlike any wedding I had been at before then and probably unlike any wedding I’ll ever go to again. 
The people in Ghana are so friendly and welcoming and enthusiastic. These are all friends of the family I went to visit and they thought it was great when I flipped my iPhone camera around so they could see themselves in it. 
This girl (below) lived with the family I was staying with and she cooked us very delicious Ghanian meals. There were times when the food didn’t quite mesh with my tastebuds, but I was still happy to get to experience eating their authentic foods and was thankful for her cooking skills. She was quite friendly and took us around the marketplace and explained the culture to us. 

Another picture from the wedding I attended. Behind the men (they are the groom, his dad, best man, friends, and drummers), you can see their compound. Each family has a circle of huts that are inclosed with a wall going from hut to hut. The huts, and all the enclosed area, make up their house. It’s pretty cool. 

The termite mounds were huge. I seriously had no clue that they would be so big and probably gasped in amazement the first time I saw one. Then, of course I wanted to climb one. (I had no clue you were able to do that, either.) I only made it part way up, because the further I climbed the less thick the mound was and I didn’t want to break though and damage the mound or break though and have the termites swarm around me. (Do they even do that? I have no clue. But goodness! If they can build a structor like that, I’m not too keen on getting on their bad side.) 

* * *
What about you? Did you know that termite mounds got so big? Have you ever climbed one? If not, would you climb one if you had the chance?

* * *
I’m so excited to have just found out where I’m going this week for my Friday Series! Drumroll, please! Our destination is: Mongolia! I can hardly wait to head on over there. 🙂 

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