Focused Writing & January 2016 Goals

This month I’m working on being focused with my writing. It’s so easy for me to jump from project to project, but that’s not very productive. Right now I have a conglomeration of different writing-related ideas flying through my head and there are four of them that I’m working on concentrating on at once. 
To help keep me focused I’ve decided to spend this month writing down what I work on and the time I work on it. That way instead of writing Echoes for ten minutes and then flipping over to research Portugal for my Friday series and eight minutes later deciding to edit WLHYL, I’ll put my head down and accomplish something in one of those projects. 
I’m also going to try and have concrete daily goals (or at least time amounts) so I can know that what I’m doing really is working. Being busy doesn’t equal being productive. 
I want my writing and the time I spend at my writing desk to really count. The thought that my words actually have the ability to help people along the road of life and even possibly make a difference is amazing. I feel like words are a gift that I can wrap up and hand to other people, and I want to make sure I’m packaging the right words. 

My goals for January 2016:
If the Lord wills and I live I will…

1. Begin my Friday Series (and come up with a better name for it; suggestions anyone?)
2. Keep track in my Really Living book
3. Eat Paleo the whole month
4. Spend 80 hours on my writing stuff
5. Spend 80 hours on my non-writing job
6. Read only non-fiction books

* * *
What are you doing this month to help keep on track and stay focused with your tasks? I’d be delighted to hear recommendations of what I can do. 🙂 

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