My Idea for a Friday Series

Happy first Monday morning of 2016! I am so excited about starting this week out strong and I’ve already had a wonderful hour or so of being awake and enjoying what looks like is going to be a fantastic day. 
Back on January first I mentioned that I had an idea for a Friday series here on Noveltea and I’m here to give you more information on that. 
As y’all know I like to travel. I also enjoy writing. And, I find it intriguing to learn about new countries and people groups. Therefore, I thought it would be a lot of fun to combine all three of those interests and start a series about traveling. Kinda, anyway. 
Despite only having had this idea for about a month or so, it’s gone through quite the evolution and so I’ll tell you what I’m thinking now instead of going through all the stages of what I had thought. 
1. It will be a fictional story, but have cool true facts in it about different countries 
2. It will be written from the perceptive of a girl about my age. I’m not sure of all the details yet, but right now I have her working for a travel blog and I might throw a video travel-guide team in there, too
3. Each Monday morning she will spin the globe around with her eyes closed and randomly put her finger down on a country, then she’ll go spend the week in that country, learning all about it and having adventures. She’ll start the process all over again each week for a whole year 
4. Each Monday morning I will, in reality, spin my own globe and randomly put my finger down on the country, then I’ll research it and each Friday write 500-2,000 words of a story where the main character is in that country and learning about it. That way all of us (you, me, and the character in the book) will be experiencing the journey and having fun and learning about different places 
5. At the end of my normal Monday morning post I’ll leave a little endnote type thing letting you know which country was chosen and then it will be my job to research it during the week and have the post ready by Friday 

I’m not sure if that makes complete sense because I haven’t actually written it out before now, so please, ask me if you have any questions.

This idea has been pretty exciting for me and I can only imagine how much new information I’ll be able to learn as the weeks glide past. This isn’t set in stone, so I might change it up or even abandon it, but I wanted to at least give it a try. If you have any comments, ideas, or suggestions I’d be delighted to hear them.

I hope y’all have a great Monday and I’d better get off to my non-writing job now so I don’t have to run all of the way there. 🙂

* * *
If you could choose any country, which one would you want to go to?

* * *
The country for this week is: Portugal 

3 thoughts on “My Idea for a Friday Series

  1. Chris Purdom says:

    Wow, I waited to long to catch up. I see excitement for Fridays to come will be building all week again. 🙂
    Can't wait to get all caught up again. Already anticipating Friday's new story.
    Have an awesome week!


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