The Greater Blessing

I started this morning as I always do – Thanking God for at least ten of the blessings in my life before I was even completely awake. Then I moved on to my devotions where I’ve been going through The Holy Spirit an Introduction by John Bevere which has been so very insightful and encouraging to me. After that I hurriedly got ready for the day then opened my computer to check my emails and blog.

There, sitting in my inbox, was a 3,300 word email from my sister who is in Greece helping with the refugees. I slowed down my rushing world so I could focus and concentrate and see life from a new set of eyes.

My sister shared stories of coloring with the young children who came in. Of showering them with love. Of being a smiling face for them to see when they entered camp. Despite the fact that these children have known terrors and fears that most of us can’t even imagine, they are still children. Dreaming of love and soaking in attention.

It’s at times like this when I realize how small my world sometimes shrinks down to. When the “problems” I go through dissipate and fade before the vibrant colors of how much I actually do have. When I see my life, surrounded by safety and the love of my safe family and safe friends and safe co-works and I realize that being safe is not a given and I have so much to be thankful for. 
And I want to do something. It’s not an impulse of an emotional moment (although it might have started out that way), it’s the long-mulled-over thoughts of how I have the ability to help. I can make a difference. I am commanded to do something, because I, as one of God’s children, am His hands and feet. (Hebrews 13:16, 1 Peter 4:10, Acts 20:35)

Do you know what, though? This post isn’t to guilt anyone into giving. I’ve been slowly learning that giving can be a gift, a blessing, to the giver as much as to the receiver. Actually even more so for the giver. Acts 20:35 tells us that it is more blessed to give than to receive. I have been blessed beyond measure with the ability to give and I am so very thankful for that blessing. 
I want my world to expand and grow and explode in ways that I can’t even imagine. I want to live with a dangerous love, to make a difference where I am and where I can’t be. I want to follow God’s will and share His love all around the world. 
Being a child of THE King is anything but dull or ordinary. I want Him to fill my life in such a way that everyone I come in contact with can feel His love bubbling over. I know that won’t be easy and that I’ll obviously stumble at times, but we’re not called to be perfect on our own. We’re called to shine Jesus’ love and to serve Him. And, with HIM all things are possible. 
In closing I wanted to share one of my favorite songs with y’all. 

If you feel so inclined to give financial aid, here’s a link that can help get you started. 

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