Writing Snippets from *Echoes*

I’ve had a rather wonderful time this week working on and off on the second book in the Echoes trilogy. I’ve come up with some new ideas and can hardly wait to see what all happens in this book. I decided that y’all might like to see a few snippets of the story, so I just went through and picked out a couple to share with y’all. 
These characters are so much fun to work with. I don’t know them as well yet as I want to, but they are becoming more clear to me which is always a plus. If I only write three books (which is the plan for now) then I’m almost half-way through with writing the first draft of the whole trilogy. Yikes! As strange as it may sound, I’m actually already getting excited about the re-writes/editing because I know that’s when I’ll be able to really develop these little characters that are a bit ambiguous at the moment. 
And now on to the snippets:

* * *
Which one of the segments is your favorite? I think mine is either the first or the forth. 
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