December Goals 2015

December Goals:
If the Lord wills and I live I want to…
1. Complete all my assigned tasks during our really big week at my non-writing job
2. Read four non-fiction books and write reviews for them
3. Review my year
4. Work on goals for 2016
5. Enter the new year with a clean office and libaray  

One thought on “December Goals 2015

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    This is a list of fantasticness. I want to make monthly goals next year…like it's a goal of 2016 to make monthly goals. x) Which just feels WEIRD to say, but it makes sense to me. hehe. Oh oh, a clean library and office sounds divine! Every time I clean mine up, gah, it just ends up a mess again. The only thing in my room that is orderly is my bookshelf. 😛


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