My Monday Morning

This Monday morning is a bit different from my normal ones. Instead of having to be at my non-writing job at 8:00 I don’t have to be there until 9:00 which works perfectly because I got to spend last night at my best friend’s house so I could watch her wonderful little girl this morning for a few hours when she and her husband were gone. 

Clara has the most adorable smiles all the time, but mornings are especially smiley. Therefore I might have possibly used up most of my blogging time crawling around on the floor taking dozens of blurry pictures in an effort to capture some of her darling expressions.

She’s currently sitting on my lap, hugging a book (and possibly chewing on it), which makes this little writer happy. It also makes typing a bit harder than normal, but who needs to read a blog post when they have so much cuteness to look at?

And now it’s time for me to grab a quick bite to eat and head over to my job. This cuteness has certainly made my week begin in an amazing way and I hope it makes you smile, too.

I hope y’all have a fantastic Monday and that this first week of December (which starts tomorrow!) is great. I have a busy, busy, busy week at my non-writing job and I’m excited about it.

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