NaNo Update (Spoiler: I finished it in five days) and Snippets

I know I was quite the absentee blogger last week folks. That wasn’t planned. It just happened. There is a very good reason as to why it happened though, and I thought you would be delighted to share in the joy and celebrate with me. 
See, see, seeeeee! I wrote 50,000 words in five days. People! The NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) goal is 50,000 words. That means I hit the goal in five days instead of thirty. Which of course means I dove right back into planning mode and worked on the plot for the second book in the series and then promptly wrote the first 1,000 words on Saturday. 

And, also, if you didn’t notice from this beautiful little picture (which is a tad bit off because I didn’t write on Sunday which was day #1, so my average words per day was actually 10,000), I had a 20,000 word day. Yes, tis true. It was crazy. Especially since I’ve also been fighting a cold most of the week and I spent half of the 20,000 word day not feeling up to anything and therefore doing a lot of sleeping. 
I’m very excited about this week and seeing where I get on the second book in the series. It has a promising plot and I can hardly wait to dig back into it this morning. Sadly, I will have to limit my writing at least somewhat because between typing a huge amount (I was also typing some stuff for my non-writing job) and crocheting baby blankets my right wrist is a bit sore and I don’t want to risk permanently damaging it. I gave it yesterday almost completely off, to the point where I took notes in church with my left hand (not a pretty sight, people!), so it should be good to go. 
I decided to do something extra special. I wanted to share snippets of my story but I’m not allowing myself to go back through and read it until the month is over so I didn’t think that would work… Then as I was writing this post I was like “Ah, come on! Let’s just find some random pieces of the book you can share with everyone. They’ll enjoy it, it will make you happy and you don’t have to read large amounts so it’s a win-win situation.” So of course I did. 
Y’all, it was actually rather shocking because I wrote the book in such a rapid flurry that I kinda forget most of what happens. Of course the plot points stick out, but other than that? Yeah, rather blurry. By the way, I picked pretty much the first snippets I came upon… I find them rather entertaining though, so hopefully y’all do, too. 
And, I’m almost late to a meeting at my non-writing job so I need to rapidly finish this. The first two snippets are actually a continuation of each other, but it was too much to use as one picture. And, sorry if you can’t read them on your phone… If you click on the picture then zoom up it should work better. Also, these are completely unedited so forgive that, I was just so excited about sharing part of my story with y’all! 

* * * 
* * * 

* * *
I hope that was enjoyable for y’all! Have a great Monday and I’ll (hopefully) see you tomorrow! 

4 thoughts on “NaNo Update (Spoiler: I finished it in five days) and Snippets

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    AHHHH I LOVED THEM AND OMG CONGRATS ON 5 DAYSSSSS! THIS CALLS FOR CAKE AND QUITE INTROVERT PARTYING!! *flails for you* I think writing while sick is either great or a DEAD loss. I was sick for most of my assassin book…so I was basically writing in a feverish cold-medicine induced haze. haha. It was actually great, because when I wrote I forgot how miserable I felt. So I got a LOT done.
    And zomg, a 20K day?!?! #GOALS My record so far is 18K. I'd like to think I could do 50K in 3 days too….one of these days I shall try. 😉


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