November 2015 Goals & NaNo Update

Hey! Hey! Hey! I’m still alive. My brain is about ready to jump out of my head though. You should see the way that it’s dancing around inside my skull as I pound away at NaNo. I’ve been having a delightful time with building my word count and writing this book. The words have come slowly at times and quite rapidly at other times.

I told my mom today that I think I’m going to have to go to the chiropractor when the month is over because my neck and head and back are all tight from me being hunched over my computer with my fingers flying along and concentration a mile deep. I have been trying to stretch and move around though so I don’t cause too much damage to my little body. Plus I’ve been drinking a lot of water. That should help, right? And taking walks. (We have had the most beautiful days recently!)

This morning I’ve already been typing for a while, trying to build up that word count and get my story out of my head and onto the page. There are so many thoughts swirling around in my head that I can’t even concentrate on them any more. I’ve been dealing with absolutely zero writers block, which makes me quite happy indeed. That’s not to say that my mind is comprehending what’s going on around me or even in the story because I’m in a constant state of “Oh yes, there’s something I need to do. Focus. Stop chewing on that pen and start writing again”, but it’s a good feeling. 
I don’t know how to describe it except I’m feeling exhausted pretty much all the time and yet it’s wonderful. Yesterday I had an early meeting at work and so I didn’t get nearly the writing done that I wanted to (or blogging, for that matter) and yet today I got a fairly early start and so I took ahold of it and sat down and began typing without even eating breakfast. 
I’m off to find something of quality to eat, but before that, here are my three November Goals.

Goals for November 2015:
1. If the Lord wills and I live I will Complete NaNoWriMo
2. If the Lord wills and I live I will read one nonfiction book and review it
3. If the Lord wills and I live I will reach Lamentations in my Bible reading. 
…Mostly though, folks, I’ll be doing NaNo. Lots and lots and lots of writing. Amen and amen. 
* * *
What about you? What are your November goals? 

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