NaNo Craziness Has Officially Started

Welcome. There’s a very scary place where only a few venture to travel and that is called Aidyl’s Office during NaNo. It’s quite freaky indeed, but I’m reaching out and yanking you through the doorway before you even know what’s going on so I can babble on and on about what’s happening in this remote and amazing room. 
See, there’s a story taking place. No, really. A story is being written in this very room. It’s actually probably more correct to say “A girl who could possibly pass as a mad scientist is currently secluding herself in a red and tan office while writing furiously and randomly throwing words on to a page with the hope that at the end of the months she’ll look back and they’ll actually make sense.”
I don’t write on Sundays (except for my 100 words) and so therefore even though NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) officially started on Sunday, I didn’t begin my head long dash into the month of writing until Monday morning. Then I went at it with a vengeance. (That is totally not the correct word, but my brain has spilled out so many incorrect words recently that I’m going to act like it is.) 
I had this lofty goal of writing maybe 5,000 words the first day. Then a little while later I decided to change that goal to 10,000 words. Sadly that didn’t happen because I didn’t hit the 10,000 word mark until a little bit after midnight… I know, right? Like, couldn’t the clock have just stopped for maybe 27 minutes? (Or maybe I should have stopped procrastinating earlier in the day? Humm… That’s food for thought.) 
And speaking of food for thought! I’m trying to be healthy. Yes. Very heathy. You see, when I’m sitting here writing and writing and writing I like to also munch. And drink. And lick pens. So this morning for breakfast I had a bowl of crunchy veggies while working on my story. (And pomegranates. If you’ve never had pomegranates I’m sorry and I hope you rectify that soon.) 
Okay, I might have lied when I said “very healthy” because in preparation for NaNo I went out and bought some delicious white chocolate. In fact, I found white Reese’s cups for the first time ever and almost did a jig right there in the store. These chocolates are delicious. I have already gobbled down a few of them and am currently wondering why I only bought one bag. I mean, NaNo lasts a month, right? (I don’t generally allow myself chocolate, people. Or candy for that matter (except life savors) so this is a special treat and I’m enjoying it greatly.) 

Anyway. I shall henceforth end this post soon because I have more words to type out and I have the rest of life to live, too, although I’m trying to forget that fact from time to time so I can focus on my story. It’s a beautiful story full of bitterness and rejected children and hope and love and loyalty and all those amazing attributes. Mostly about princesses though. Princesses who don’t actual exist and others that act as if they don’t exist. (Does this give you a little peek inside my brain? Freaky place, right? But oh, so fun!)

I shall try and share snippets with you some time during this glorious month. For now though, good bye. Be good and don’t forget to dance for pure joy at least once a week. 

3 thoughts on “NaNo Craziness Has Officially Started

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    Ahh, good luck for NaNo!! 😀 GOOD SNACKS TOO. Omg, I admire you for going for vegetables. (I haven't had a pomegranate…I thinK I'm not living.) I mostly don't snack while I type but I do like some 85% dark chocolate at night. :')


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