The Thoughts of an Author

Yesterday I sat down to blog and started a post about four times before deciding not to force it and moved on to editing my WIP. My plan was to come back later on that day and blog, but then life got in the way and I realized at about 9:00 last night that I hadn’t ended up blogging. 
This morning I’ve been staring at this blank page wondering what to write about for about five minutes. It’s not that I don’t have a blog post running around inside my head; instead it’s that I’ve been editing so much recently that all my blog post ideas revolve around editing and writing thoughts and I’m afraid Noveltea is becoming a tediously redundant echo of my thoughts. 
Editing does weird things to my brain. As I was writing the above sentence I suddenly thought I wonder what capitulating means and if it would fit into this post somewhere. So I looked it up. I also thought about how I would describe the picture of my cozy writing area. And then I second-guessed the spelling of “staring” and wondered if I possibly wrote “starring” instead, so I looked that up, too. 
Next I reminded myself that I needed to go through and add scene breaks to the story, send the next several chapters to my beta reader, check out how all the spacing looked when I changed from double spacing on my WIP to single spacing… I should finish reading the writing book I’m two-thirds of the way through, possibly start another writing book, and maybe skim-read a couple of blog posts on writers blogs about the final stages of editing.
I should probably look at my WLHYL Pinterest boards again and then add a few more details about the characters and setting because even though I added 70 or so of them yesterday, details/descriptions make the story pop and come alive. Details/descriptions take a skeleton and give it distinct features. 
I ponder over my decision to change a few key words that help progress Maddie’s character arch better. Like where she’s having a hard time and her mom tells her to be thankful. Originally she “wilted” in her seat at the thought of being thankful when she didn’t feel well, but after looking at the over all character arch instead I made her “straighten” in her seat. It was a one-word swap but changed the tone of the whole scene. It’s almost freaky at how huge of a difference one word can make. 
So yes, my brain is fairly consumed with editing at this moment and so that’s what spills onto my blog, and I think that’s ok. Spending this month editing has been a rewarding, exciting, tiresome, and all around good experience for me. I am so looking forward to being done, though. 

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