What I’m Doing Matters

Yesterday I got zero editing done (or blogging for that matter) even though I lugged my computer around me with me all day long as we traversed this part of the state with some friends. I have a deadline though, and that deadline is quickly approaching and this draft hasn’t quite seen the light at the end of the tunnel yet. 
I’m up in my library with a beautiful view and more editing to do than I can accomplish today. It’s exciting though, because we are getting closer and closer to the point when this book is ready to go off and explore the world on it’s own. Crazy, right? 
Sometimes I need to just stop my work and take a minute to remember what it actually means to be creating a book. This book may literally travel the world as it’s readers take it on vacations, family trips or to college. One day my book could be stashed away in a box of treasures. It could be held tightly as an anxious grandchild sits in the hospital waiting room. Copies will get food spilled on them, coffee dripped, left out in the rain, perhaps slept on… Copies will be read by high school students, middle grade students, homeschooled kids, public schooled kids, private schooled kids. 
This book will cross barriers. It will talk to people who I’ll never meet. It will open eyes to a new world. Will explain, touch, heal and help. It will show people that they aren’t alone, that they’re not the only ones. It will inspire, entreat, encourage and frustrate. 

These are the things I need to remember as a sit on my window seat with a pile of blankets and begin yet another day of editing. I’m not just working on a book for something to do. I’m not just working on a book for my job. I’m working on this book because it’s a deep part of me that I can share with others and help make their lives a better place.

I am the creator of worlds, of stories, of tickles that will take the imagination to soaring heights. It’s not a task I take lightly and I’m determined to stick in there and continue editing and perfecting and moving this story to the next level. Because it isn’t just a story. It’s, in a way, my story. It could be your story. It could be your neighbors story. This is our story. One that many people can relate to. And it’s important.

* * * 
What about you? Do you have to sometimes remind yourself why what you’re doing is important? 

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