Welcome to My World

Welcome to my world. I’m a quirky and random human who breaks the bounds of stereotypes and has an unstoppable creative streak. As a blog reader I often enjoy learning more about the blogger, so here’s a little bit about me. 
Some of the things I enjoy are:
*Cutting grass
*Post cards
*Soft colors
My days consist of: 
*Reading the Bible while huddled under my covers on chilly mornings
*Blogging and randomly taking pictures to use on my blog 
*Writing, editing, brainstorming and all those non-glamrous parts of being an author 
*Mixing and tasting and cooking 
*Immersing myself in words through reading and studying and writing and hearing and talking
*Spending time with my family and co-workers and friends 
*Cutting grass, cleaning, doing dishes, laundry and those normal, every-day activities
*Walking and being thankful and abiding and existing and living 
Some of my least favorite things:

*Deep pain 
Qualities I treasure the most: 


Words I would use to describe myself: 


Words others have used to describe me: 


Words I wished described me more: 


Some of the biggest influences in my life: 

*Jesus. I met Him when I was jut a little girl and He fills my life with love. He is my Lord, my Savior, my King. Without Him my life would be nothing. I want to become more like Him each day and to have His love, kindness, power, joy, strength and peace to flow out of me and shine as a bright light to the world around me

*Words. Somewhere along the way I fell for the way they sound and look and the meanings they convey. My life is wrapped around the written word and I read and write for hours each day. I am a published author and dream of one day being a best-selling author

*Traveling. I’ve been blessed to be able to travel extensively and every where I go I’m astounded by the beauty God has created and the depths that we as humanity have fallen to. From the breath-taking Swiss Alps to children living in falling-down hovels, the sights I’ve seen and worlds I’ve experienced have changed me

*Lyme disease. From the time I was fourteen until I was in my early twenties I battled an unknown illness that we finally diagnosed as Lyme disease. Those years were filled with pain, fighting, hurt and victories. I’ve spent the last (almost) two years of my life writing the story of a fictional girl who has Lyme disease

*My Family. I’ve been surrounded by love, encouragement and support since the day I was born. I’m not sure how I would have survived my sick years without my family and I’m so thankful I won’t ever have to find out. I’m the seventh out of ten children and have lots of nieces, nephews, cousins and various other family members to fill up my life. I also have my adopted family

And that, folks, is a glimpse of who this blogger is. If y’all have any questions I’ll be happy to try and answer them. What about y’all? I’d be delighted to find out a little bit more about all my lovely Noveltea friends if you care to share. 

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