Editing Block

I don’t have writers block. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I did. If I wanted to sit down and write right now I’m pretty sure my brain would kick into gear and supply the needed elements to make a story seemingly magically appear on the computer in front of me. 
I don’t have plotters block. In fact, I have had new ideas (and some old ones) swimming around inside my head teasing me, trying to get me to focus on them and fill out numerous outlines and charts. The books I’ve been reading about the craft of writing keep popping into my thoughts, asking me to test them out and plot a new book. 
I don’t have brainstorming block. In fact, I could probably stop writing this post and fill out several pages of ideas I have for various stories without any trouble at all. There are so many elements to brainstorming that appeal to me at this moment. Foremost would be the random act of spewing words unfiltered and un-thought-through onto a page and having it actually accomplish something. 

What I might possibly have at this moment is editing block. In fact, every time I think about sitting down to work on the forth draft of my book my brain feels like it’s filling up with air and my eyes start to droop and all I want to do is go take a nap.

Sometimes I really like editing. My brain spins into a different mode and starts to see problems and inconstancies in my story that I haven’d noticed before. I have a delightful feeling of being able to make something more artistic than it was in it’s previous state. I know I’m pushing my story to the next level and getting it that much closer to being published.

There are other times when I really don’t feel like editing. Like now. I’m busy with the rest of life and yet I’m trying to work on a deadline with my editing so I have to fight stress that’s dancing around trying to back me into a corner.

I know editing will accomplish something, and yet that something feels rather ambiguous at the moment. I won’t be able to look and see 5,000 fresh new words on the page or a plot with a delicious twist. We’re in the forth draft, people. That means the changes are going to be more underlying and less noticeable. Plus, there’s all the little issues I’ve been pushing off taking care of and I can’t continue leaving them for the next draft. I need to decide what to do with them now

Despite how it may seem or what I feel like at the moment editing is worth it and so therefore I am going to edit. And this book is going to be so worth the time I’ve poured into it. Amen and amen.

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