When Life Hands You Lymes Update

Happy Friday, folks! Crazy that I don’t have any more segments from When Life Hands You Lymes, right? But, but, but, I do have a little update about how the book is going (and don’t forget to check out this post for the giveaway that ends today where you could win either a $15 Amazon gift card or get a character named after you!).
So, how is my precious little book (that really isn’t so little after all) doing?
Well, I’d have to say it’s Overwhelming. Ginormous. Full of flaws. Beautiful. A piece of my heart. Crying-worthy. Lovely. A dream come true. A huge mess. Funny… It’s a conglomeration of so many heart-felt writing sessions and tears and fears and laughter. It’s the byproduct of seven years spent battling Lyme disease. 
Pretty much that means that it’s half-way between terrifying and exhilarating. 
I’m ready to begin the forth draft and also ready to clean my office and cut the grass and do the laundry and get something to eat and take a walk and pretty much do anything that will help me procrastinate and not rip my book (aka “a piece of my heart”) to shreds again. 

I’ve been getting some fantastic feedback from my beta readers and I’m ready to dive in and push my book up to the next level. Only. Only. Only. I’m not really actually ready. Instead thinking about going through When Life Hands You Lymes again makes me feel exhausted.

See, this book is so engrained in my brain that it’s hard to see it from new eyes and I like it the way it is. I’m about as far from a perfectionist as a person can get and that doesn’t necessarily translate into “stunning work” when it comes to writing. Instead it’s more like “Eh. The story had potential but the plot holes and lack of character development and random scene jumps ruined it” which is not what I want a publisher to think when they see my book for the first time.

Which of course means I am going to happily jump into this next draft of the book and embrace the changes that need to take place. Cause you know what? When this draft is over I’m going to be holding a sparkly and beautiful story in my hands. And some day other people are going to be holding it too, Lord willing.

I’m excited about being an author. Excited about sharing this story with the world. Excited about growing as a person as my book grows as a story. (I’m easily excited, by the way.) This book has taken up a huge part of my life so far, but I think it’s going to be well-worth it.

And with that said, good-bye, y’all! I’m off to edit. (Or perhaps eat breakfast…)

* * *
What about you? What is one word you would use to describe the last big project you’ve been/are working on?

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