September 2015 in Review

I know this is a day early, but I wanted to do it before my birthday. I’ll add to it later. 🙂 
What I Focused on in September 

1. My caving adventure at the beginning of the month and my non-writing job at the end of the month
2. Certain stretching aspects of writing work on WLHYL
3. Finishing up my birthday challenges 

Birthday Challenge and Dream List Update

1. Read 23 Non-fiction books {23 Completed 9-21-15}
4. Write 23 book reviews {23 Completed 9/26/15}
9. Memorize 23 verses {Completed 9/29/15}

12. Write a list of the next day, 23 days in a row (not counting weekends) {Completed 9/26/15}

22. Make 5 blankets for a pregnancy center (or something like that) {Completed 9/26/15}
23. Write monthly reviews on my blog within 5 days of the end of the month whenever internet is available 23. Write monthly reviews on my blog within 5 days of the end of the month whenever internet is available (OctoberNovemberDecemberJanuaryFebruary  MarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptember,)


Reading Update

Fiction: 8
Non-Ficton: 2
Reviews: 8

Nights Gone: 6
New Countries or States visited: None 

What I’ve Been Learning 

My brain didn’t explode these past few weeks despite cramming it full of writing information, so I’m viewing that as a good sign. I learned a lot about synopsis’s and author bios and writing notes and editing and yeah… The same stuff I talked about last month. Only more. Because there’s always more to learn, right? 
I also learned that I can surprise myself. I can surprise myself a lot, actually. Life is complicated and I’m alive so I guess that means that I’m complicated so it makes sense. It’s not bad being complicated though, I think it helps me have more grace and empathy for other people. 
I’ve been learning to enjoy the stillness and try to spend time just being and existing and thanking God instead of rushing on to the next thing. Life isn’t all about filling every single moment with the most that I possibly can. Sometimes I’m supposed to be still and rest and focus on who God is and what He’s done (and doing) for me. 
I’ve also been reminded about how HUGE and wonderful and incomprehensible God is which leads me to how loving and kind and full of mercy He is and that leads me to how very thankful I am that He cares about me. And you. And everyone. I want to continually share His love. 

Other Things 

This month was wonderfully full. Looking back I’m quite satisfied and so very thankful for everything I was able to accomplish and experience in September. Not only was it a utterly gorgeous month, but I was also able to accomplish a lot. *dances for joy* 
Caving at the beginning(ish) of the month was so. fun. Camping in the cave continues to be one of the highlights of my year and I’m rounding up family members and friends to hopefully go with me sometime… I also really enjoyed getting to spend a good amount of time at my adopted parent’s house before and after the caving trip. We had fun brainstorming and working on a new book. 
I had a project with my book that had a very specific deadline and my writing brain was duly stretched and I packed tons of information into my mind and then worked at random times at pouring that information back into the story. It was quite messy at times, but eventually got all cleaned up and looked glorious and I sighed lots of happy sighs and re-read stuff dozens of times. (Vague, I know. I’m good at that.) 
We also posted the last(!) segment of my fictional story, When Life Hands You Lymes. It’s been a long journey that y’all and I have been on together and as a thank you I’m doing a giveaway (enter it here; everyone and anyone can enter!).
This month I’ve been making soups and stews and that is so much fun. It’s truly autumn now and autumn is the bestest of bests and is toppled with memories and always makes me extremely happy. I’ve had so much good family and friends time during the past few weeks and I’m reminded all over again how very thrilled I am to be over Lyme disease and feel like participating in life. 

* * *
What is one of your favorite things you got to do this month? 

2 thoughts on “September 2015 in Review

  1. Chris Purdom says:

    Visit my folks cabin.
    See a favorite author and spend a night in the cave.
    Daddy/daughter time.
    Drive. Love driving
    Staff picnic at Ark Encounter.
    Got to see a favorite musician and laugh about them being locked out of a cave.


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