The First Day of Autumn

It has arrived at long last.
Today marks the beginning of Autumn. 
Oh glorious, happy, wonderful and beautiful season. 
I’m wearing sparkly socks and my leaf necklace to celebrate. I put my Berrylicious candle away and lit the Vanilla Chai one. I brewed some peppermint tea and ran around my office straightening it so I could sit down and drink my tea and blog in peace. 
This is the season of memories and coziness. Of breathtaking beauty and brilliant colors. Of long walks and quiet moments. This is the season of dancing in the falling leaves and running with the wind. Of curling up to read a book and of star gazing. Of apple cider and soups. This is the season my heart. Where I want to hug the entire world and share joy and happiness with everyone. This is my season and I’ll be forever thankful that I was raised in a location where autumn is so glorious. 
This is also the last week before my birthday and I’ve been scrambling around trying to finish my goals and challenges that I set for my twenty-second year. I’m pretty happy though, because my biggest challenge I still have to work on is writing four more book reviews. That normally wouldn’t be hard, but this is a huge week at my non-writing related job, as well as a pretty big one with my writing. That means I have two big time-takers slurping up my hours.
I’ve also been working on finishing up the last of my five baby blankets and researching crisis pregnancy centers to send them to. I love getting to work on these blankets and thinking of the adorable little babies who will be wrapped up in them. It’s thrilling to know that I can make a difference in the life of an overwhelmed mother and her little one. 
I’m hoping to make at least twelve blankets during this next year and possibly seeing if I can volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center. Every life is precious and beautiful and I’m no longer okay with sitting back and doing nothing. I want to be the hands and feet of Jesus to these very real people. 

 I’m still coming up with the rest of my challenges for my 24 before 24 challenge, so if you have any ideas please comment with them over here. I’ve been delighted with y’alls ideas so far and need to compile them into a list along with the ones I’ve come up with. I really feel like my 23 before 23 challenge helped my year be more productive and fulfilling, so I’m excited to see what I accomplish before I turn 24.

What about you? What is your favorite season? And, what is your favorite thing about Autumn? 

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