Knowing God by Name: Book Review

Knowing God by Name
By David Wilkerson 
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First person
One point-of-view 
220 pages 
About the Book 
Back cover blurb
Each of God’s names reveals a defining quality about the Lord’s nature and character. In Scripture he revealed these names to his people only as they needed them. In Knowing God by Name, David Wilkerson explores ten of the Hebrew names for God that most relate to times of testing and crisis, including El Elyon, El Shaddai, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Nissi, and Jehovah Shalom. This book is for any believer who wants to get to know God better, and particularly for those who need hope, encouragement, and a special word from God in a difficult time. It will give them a heart knowledge of God, a revelation of his names on a personal level, and a personal application of their fullest meaningnot for mere theological knowledge, but for everyday assurance and growth.

Why I Choose this Book 

A couple of months ago when I was at my adopted parent’s house I picked up a copy of this book and began reading it. I enjoyed and learned so much from the few chapters I read that when I came home I ordered a copy of the book so I could continue reading. 
What I Thought about the Book

This book was full of so much new information and ideas that I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to read it again before too long so I can grasp all of it. That’s a good thing, though, because the book was interesting and easy to read. 
I’ve come to the conclusion recently that I don’t know the Bible nearly well enough and so I’ve been working on not only spending more time in God’s word, but also reading books that expound on it. Knowing God by Name did a good job of teaching me more about not only the Bible, but also about the nature of God and who He really is. 
This book reminded me once again that God’s name is not only powerful, but it’s also to be reverenced. I realized as I was reading that over time I’ve become lax with how I treat God’s name. I  never personally used it in vain, but I had come to the point where I would read articles or books or watch short videos where it was used in vain. God’s name isn’t just a name and the Bible clearly teaches that we are supposed to respect it. As I began reading this book I also began working on showing God’s name respect. 


I really enjoyed reading this book. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a thing about names. I constantly ask people about their names: Who named them, were they named after anyone, what does their name mean, if they were the opposite gender what would they have been named, what is their favorite name… And the list could go on. Reading a book that focused on God’s name was special for me. 
This book explored some new territory for me and I’m not sure if I agree with everything 100%, so I guess I need to study it some more. Overall though, it was uplifting, encouraging, enlightening and interesting. 


I was debating if I should give the book four or five stars, but then I realized that I just ordered the book for my uncle’s birthday, so if I liked the book that much I guess it means it should be five stars so… I’m giving Knowing God by Name Five Stars and recommend it to anyone 15 and older. 

One thought on “Knowing God by Name: Book Review

  1. Chris Purdom says:

    Totally understand that. Working at AiG i am constantly being reminded I don't know the Bible as well as I thought I did and having to go back and reread things to be sure if i agree what someone says that this is what God is saying or if they are taking out of context to fit what they want it to say


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