A Peek Inside my Random Brain

I sometimes get what feels like a grand idea. 
Last night I was imagining being able to crochet with my feet. See, I’ve been crocheting with my hands long enough that I do it all the time without looking or even paying attention to what I’m doing.  My thought was if I got good enough then I could crochet with my hands and my feet at the same time and that way I could be making two blankets at once. 
Another semi-dream I have is of being able to read a book while holding it upside-down. I remember back about a decade ago I watched a documentary about a man who wore a special contraption that made everything flipped around so it looked upside down. After a few weeks of that his brain had switched it back so everything looked right side up again. I’ve been rather fascinated with upside-down stuff ever since then. Plus, I figured that reading an upside-down book would possibly trigger a different part of my brain and I’d get new ideas.
Then I got excited at the possibility of multitasking. Was it possible to get good enough that I could crochet with my hands and feet and read an upside down book, all at the same time? The idea was enchanting so this morning I started out with trying my feet at crocheting. 
Let’s just say it’s harder than it sounds.
My toes aren’t very flexible. Nor are they long and able to grasp small objects like yarn. I ended up being able to crochet a little bit using one hand and one foot, but the hand had to do far more than its share of the work. It didn’t take me long to decide it was a waste of time and move on to reading an upside-down book. 

I started out with Save the Cat! by Blake Snyder. It’s one of the writing books I bought a couple weeks ago and I’m only a few pages in. Unfortunately it has a slightly different font that messed mightily with my brain while looking at it upside-down. Plus, do you have any clue how confusion “n” “u” “p” “q” “b” “d” and all those types of letters are while trying to read them upside-down? Let’s just say it gave me a headache.

So, I switched tactics and decided try something else. I choose Go Teen Writers by Stephanie Morrill and Jill Williamson which is another writing book of mine. I’ve read this book before, but not recently so I had it by my writing chair so I could re-read it. Thankfully it has a normal font, so I spent some time reading it upside-down while crocheting with my hands. Thankfully that venture went a lot better than the first two. I’ll probably be doing it again in the near future.

I like doing random things like this because it gives me new prospectives on life. Besides, who knows, some day I might have a character who is in a life and death situation and has to do something crazy with their feet while reading a book upside-down…

So there y’all have it: A little peek inside my brain.

* * *
What about you? What are some random, crazy ideas you’ve had recently?

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