September Is

September has always been, and probably always will be, one of my favorite months of the year. The crisp hints of autumn in the air, the foggy mornings, the brilliant blue skies, and the vibrant colors all combine into something almost magical. 
September makes me think of new beginnings and fresh thoughts. September always brings a deluge of memories and happiness makes me excited at the dawning of each new day. On the cold days I am thrilled to cuddle up in my sweatshirts and sweaters and fun outside in bare feet with the frosty ground making my feet tingle. During the warm days I bask in the sunshine, soaking in the extra rays before they weaken for winter. 

September is a warm mug of tea and a flickering candle. September is a evening spent with family and friends around a blazing campfire with lots of good stories and snacks. September is a subtle change, a shift in the world around me as we prepare for a new season. September is the happiness from childhood and adulthood merging and making me dance like a little girl again.

September is like cotton candy and swinging and apple-carmel suckers and squirmy little puppies and snail mail and fuzzy blankets and folding warm towels and family laughing together. It holds a special place in my heart that whispers promises of dreams coming true and special memories awaiting.

I am so very happy that it’s September. 

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