Flight School – Celebrating a Book Launch with a Review + Giveaway

I’ve got to start out this post/review by saying I’m pretty impressed by Jason McIntire’s amazing diligence, timeliness and organizational skills when it comes to setting up a book launch. I even emailed him for tips so I can have a head start for my next book release. Great job, Jason!

Jason first contacted me about reviewing Flight School several months ago and I’m happy I could agree to read it and be part of the book launch. (Book launches are exciting times for authors, folks!) I know that authors and their support crew spend so much time getting ready for the release of each new book and I feel honored to take part in this special day. 

Here’s a little bit about the book:

Back cover Blurb: On the verge of adult life, Chris Rivera is eager to get started on his career as a director of Christian movies. But he’ll have to do it without his best friend Ben, who has traded childhood toys for law books… and a very pretty study partner.
Meanwhile, Jessie is getting a lot of attention from conservative neighbor John and trendy friend Galen – each of whom, for drastically different reasons, seems a little too good to be true.
In the face of hard questions and big temptations, how do you know which choice is right? And where do you get the courage to make it?

Age Range: 12 and Up 

Genre: Contemporary Christian Fiction 

Pages: 257

Point of View: Third person, omnipresent, the story followed about five to ten people throughout the story 

Find it on: Amazon, Goodreads, Elisha Press 

What I thought: Flight School reminds me a lot of a book that should be read aloud to the whole family as a bed time story, one chapter at a time. There are a lot of situations that provide great lead-ins for parents to discuss their beliefs and standards with their children. 

The storyline follows the different members of the Sparrow/Rivera family and the adventures, problems, excitement and growing pains they experience growing up. I especially enjoyed reading from Ben’s point of view, probably because he’s the oldest (I think) and therefore I was able to relate to him the best.

This is the second book in the series and since I didn’t read the first book I was a little bit lost. For instance: most of the book I wasn’t sure how old the characters were or where they lived, but I was still able to figure out most of the story. 

It’s clear to see that a lot of research and thought went into Flight School and I always appreciate that in a book. Also, props to the editor. As an author I often cringe while reading because of grammar mistakes, but this book was wonderfully cringe-free. 

This book wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, but I did enjoy reading it. I felt like a lot of the “issues” that were talked about in the book were discussed one-sided and I didn’t agree with all of the conclusions, but that’s something I find rather common in books I read. 

The characters were interesting and a lot of them had their own story lines and character arches, which is something I often have trouble with when it comes to my own writing. All too often I focus on one character and everyone else is one-sided. Jason does a good job of making the majority of the characters come alive and hold their own place throughout the book.

All in all Flight School was God-honoring, entertaining and filled with experiences that a most people will be able to relate to and learn from. 

Giveaway, Giveaway, Giveaway! 

I’m pleased to announce that Elisha Press is generously hosting a giveaway where four winners will each receive a copy of Flight School. Check it out here! I know that as an author I’m always excited at the thought of getting to actually give out free copies of my books to happy readers so why not help spread the word and excitement? Happy readers unite! 

About the Author: A 2005 homeschool graduate and partner in family business ventures, Jason McIntire writes as a hobby. His Christian stories are built around solidly biblical ideas, but packaged in his own light-hearted, often humorous style.

* * * 
Congratulations, Jason! I’m so happy for you and your new book! 

* * * 
If y’all have a question for the author, just leave it in the comments and he’ll be by to answer them! 

One thought on “Flight School – Celebrating a Book Launch with a Review + Giveaway

  1. Jason McIntire says:

    Lydia, thanks so much for your review and contagious enthusiasm! When it comes to publishing, folks like you make our world go round. Sometime, I would like to meet this “diligent, organized, and timely” Jason McIntire fellow. I didn't know you had another acquaintance by that name. 😉

    I am kind of the same way with books as you are: I usually don't agree 100% with all the lessons being taught. I really think there's only one Book outside that category for most of us – and even with that one, there are many parts that Christians understand differently. I appreciate your giving your honest opinion of my efforts, omitting nothing. I hope your readers will be blessed by “Flight School.”

    And yes, I'll be hanging around this comment thread as long as anyone wants to chat. 🙂


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