I Need Your Help: 24 Before 24 Suggestions ~ Giveaway

My brain has been jumping around during the last few weeks trying to figure out how I can accomplish as much as possible during August on my 23 Before 23 Challenge. I have one month to finish it up and while I’m quite confident in my ability to check off 22 of the challenges (I didn’t start early enough on #8), I just need to have them organized and do it in a profitable way. 

I’ve also spent a minimal amount of time trying to figure out what I want my 24 Before 24 Challenges to be. I really, really like the challenges I had for this year. I felt like they were realistic, helped make my year more profitable and bettered me as a person. Plus, they weren’t incredibly overwhelming and therefore I have been able to chug away at them regularly and not get stuck. 

Since I was thinking about what I want my challenges to be this year, I thought I’d ask y’all to give me your suggestions. Sounds like fun, right? 
And of course I wanted to make it more fun than just “leave your suggestions below” so I decided to host a giveaway along with it. (Yay for giveaways!) For every comment you leave with a suggestion you get to add an entry to the giveaway. 
Y’all can go as wild, fun, serious, crazy, or off-the-wall as you want with your suggestions. Just remember that I only have 12 months to accomplish it! And… Ready… Setty… Go!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To give you the heads up on what types of challenges I’ve done in the past, I gathered up the challenges from the last three years and I copied them below. I bolded what I consider to be my favorite/most helpful challenges.

21 Before 21:

1. Walk 100 miles (not all at once)
2. Get Where Dandelions Grow published
3. Host a writing contest on my blog 
4. Work up to 1,000 words of quality writing in a 15 minute time period
5. Put marbles (etc…) in a jar that count out until I’m 26 (it’s an inside thing) {
6. Read 30 non-fiction books
7. Write at least 100 words on my TGS WIP every day 
8. Find an artist for my creation books
9. Go to Hawaii
10. Read 3 books about WW2 
11. Re-write Star Glow 
12. Get two of my books for sale in print
13. Find a solid answer for my JM book
14. Get my drivers license
15. Have five published authors gust post/be interviewed on my blog 
16. Get a first draft written for my goals for the next five years
17. Read 2 books about Lyme Disease
18. Reach 75,000 words in this years’ journal
19. Write down amazing things I’ve done, at least 101 things
20. Track my food for 100 days
21. Write 2 in depth character sketches
22 Before 22:
1. Write and send 22 snail-mail letters
2. Go for 22 days (not in a row) without Internet
3. Go for 22 days (not in a row) without computer
4. Read 22 non-fiction books
5. Read 22 fiction books
6. Write 22 thousand words in my journal 
7. Memorize 22 (Bible) verses 
8. Move to our new house
9. Go to Florida
10. Go to Europe
11. Go for 22 days in a row without sugar
12. Host a writing contest on Noveltea
13. Do a guest post or be interviewed on other blogs or host a guest poster or interview on my blog 22 times
14. Track all the money I spend for 22 days
15. Do the 100/100 challenge with Limes 
16. Write the continuing Limes story on Noveltea – at least 500 words a segment
17. Get my drivers license
18. Do my idea with the jar and marbles/beads, etc…
19. Get WDG totally edited
20. Write the first draft for my AK’s book
21. Get my second Creation Quest book totally ready for publication
22. Write ten book reports/reviews
23 Before 23: 
1. Read 23 Non-fiction books
2. Write 1,000 words for 23 days in a row
3. Write 23,000 words in one week
4. Write 23 book reviews
5. Track all the money I spend for 23 days
6. Walk 23 miles in one week
7. Write a card a day for 23 days
8. Track all the money I spend for 23 weeks
9. Memorize 23 verses
10. Listen to the book of Eph. 23 times
11. Read the Proverb of the day 3 months (not in a row)
12. Write a list of the next day, 23 days in a row (not counting weekends)
13. Go to bed before 10:30 23 times (not in a row) 
14. Get up at (or before) 6:15 23 days in a row
15. No texting for 23 days (not in a row)
16. Crack the whip 23 times in a row
17. Reach 100,000 words on WLHYL
18. Send/give gifts to 13 random people
19. Stay off of sugar 23 days in a row
20. Write a list of 500 things I’m thankful for
21. Fill up a physical journal
22. Make 5 blankets for a pregnancy center (or something like that)
23. Write monthly reviews on my blog within 5 days of the end of the month whenever internet is available

11 thoughts on “I Need Your Help: 24 Before 24 Suggestions ~ Giveaway

  1. Chris Purdom says:

    so how is that drivers license thing going? 🙂 Wow, that's quite a list. 23 miles in a week. That one sounds feasible. Some days at work i hit the 10 mile mark. How bout you come be guest courier for a week. You do the walking part and i'll do the driving part 😀 I'll bet there is somne kind of app for your iphone that would help you track all you spend. This reader is looking forward to all them books on your list. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Have a great day and a awesome week!


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