Surprised by God – Book Review

Surprised by God 
By Anthony Bollback 
Find it on: 
Unfortunately after I wrote this review I tried to find the book on-line but couldn’t find it. 
I will continue looking for the book. Sorry folks! (If y’all find it, please let me know!) 

First Person
One Point-of-View
160 Pages 
About the Book
Written in story form without a lot of dialog, Mr. Bollback’s Surprised By God is humorous, interesting and full of encouraging and surprising encounters his family experienced while spending five years as missionaries in Japan in the 1950’s. 
Why I Choose this Book

After a recent visit with the author, a long time friend and writing mentor of mine, I decided to re-read his books. 
What I Thought about the Book

I read Surprised by God several years ago but forgot how engaging and interesting it was. This book captures Mr. Bollback’s sense of humor and story-telling abilities quite well and I at times I almost felt as if I were sitting in his living room again, listening to him. 
Mr. Bollback’s journey has taken him to China, Japan, Hong Kong and all over the USA, including Hawaii. This book focuses on his years in Japan and what he learned and experienced during that time. Mr. Bollback’s descriptions are detailed and it wasn’t hard to picture the settings he talked about in the book. 
Filled with living by faith and prayer, miracles, learning the culture and changing lives, Surprised By God is an amazing book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

This book is a jewel and I highly recommend it to anyone, especially people who have wondered what it would be like to move to a new culture and try to fit into life there. Told in a very child-friendly manner, this book is perfect for the whole family. 

I’m giving Surprised by God Five stars and recommend it highly. 

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