Third Draft Shivers

I’m sitting here munching cold, salted green beans like they’re potato chips and musing about the lack of motivation I feel for writing right now. And when I say ‘writing’ I mean the whole deal: editing, re-writing, emails, blogging, brainstorming, studying about writing and the list could go on. 
A few weeks ago I experienced a strange phenomenon. I was so excited about working on When Life Hands You Lymes that I was almost giddy. I even neglected my blogging because I was so enthusiastic about WLHYL that I wanted to spend every moment I could work in it. I got a ton done and even sent it out to the first round of beta readers. It was glorious. 
Then the critiques began coming in. I’m so very thankful for everyone who is taking their time to help me by reading the book and giving me suggestions and people have been quite considerate with their comments, but me oh my. There is a lot of work I need to do on this darling little book of mine. And I do mean a lot of work. 

Instead of letting myself be consumed with feeling overwhelmed at how much I have staring me in the face to be accomplished during the next few months I took a walk out on a beautiful country road, looked up at our brilliantly azure sky and breathed deeply.

Instead of worrying about how I’m ever going to get WLHYL to a reasonable state of coherence (that’s an exaggeration), I’m smiling at my newly cleaned, organized and rearranged office. It’s so much fun working in a sparkling workspace.

Instead of letting weariness take over me at the mere thought of all I still need to do on the book I’m taking a little break from it to give myself some distance. I have plenty of other work I need to do right now, including work for my non-writing job.

So, pretty much this blog post doesn’t have a conclusion. It’s just the thoughts that are marching around inside my head. 

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