Whirling Thoughts

This morning I had a spiral of thoughts whirling around in my head and so I decided to share some of them. Welcome to my brain… 
The world is so full of possibilities. It seems like each day I feel at least a moment of overwhelmed amazement when I think of all there is I could or want or need to do. The list is mind boggling and could never be captured and expressed much less experienced in the short window of time commonly known as life
This morning I was looking up at the sky, the seemingly endless expanse of gray hovered closer to the earth than normal and created the sensation of autumn being just around the next bend. I’m throughly enjoying summer but the first hints of autumn always throw my memory into a tizzy with a flood of happy memories. 
Re-reading certain books is like revisiting old friends. There are some books that I read once and never have the desire to pick up again. There are other books that are like a warm and comforting hug on a cold winter night and need to be curled up with and re-read at least once a year. When When Life Hands You Lymes is published I want it to be this kind of book for at least a handful of people.
The way God works through His children is truly astonishing. There are times when I sit back and try to catch my breath as I ponder the thought that the Creator of everything loves me and is pouring out His blessings on my life and working through me. It’s so amazing I can’t even find an adequate simile to describe it. 
Today is a busy day at my non-writing job and I’m wholly looking forward to it. The feeling of being part of a team and belonging is so beautiful I sometimes find myself becoming almost philosophical as I try and figure out how to describe it. 
Having wonderful friends is one of the greatest blessings ever. My friend gauge is filled with laughing over the weirdness, the spontaneity of long-distance conversations, exploring deep thoughts, working together, encouraging each other, being so random a passerby would probably run and hide and making memories. It’s a beautiful thing. 
* * * 
What’s on your brain today? 

One thought on “Whirling Thoughts

  1. Liz Brooks says:

    I have so many days likes this–I love the nostalgic feeling I get in the early morning, especially when it's raining. I especially like this time of year, because I write most of my rough drafts in the autumn/winter, so this is always a good time. And like you, I love rereading books–especially my old favorites–they seem to collect more and more happy memories every time.

    It's certainly nice to know the Creator loves me.

    Thanks for sharing!


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