To China and Back – Book Review

To China and Back 
By Anthony Bollback 
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First Person
130 Pages
About the Book 
From the Backcover Blurb 
Hardly yet able to communicate in Chinese, the Bollbacks were foxed to flee China and to continue there missionary careers in Japan and Hong Kong. And always, there was the unusual and unexpected. 
The multi-faced ministry of Anthony and Evelyn Bollback affirms that God intervenes in the everyday affairs of those who love Him and habitually seek His guidance. 
Why I Choose This Book 

Our family has been friends with Mr. and Mrs. Bollback for years and Mr. Bollback is one of my writing mentors. After a recent visit with them I decided to re-read Mr. Bollback’s books and to finally get around to reading several that I haven’t read yet. 
What I Thought about the Book 

Mr. and Mrs. Bollback’s incredible faith and dependance on God has long been inspiring to me. Their stories are by far best when shared in person, but reading about the exciting and sometimes scary adventures are the next-to-best thing. 
This book is like a birds-eye-veiw of the years they spent getting ready for the mission field and then in China, Japan and Hong Kong. While reading this book in the comfort of my home I was reminded, yet again, at how much these amazing and dedicated followers of God gave up to spread His truth and love. 
One of the most note-worthy aspects in the book is that Mr. and Mrs. Bollback decided early on in their ministry that they would never tell anyone besides God when they had a need. That meant that they had to rely solely on Him. They shared how God always met their needs, even if that meant all they had to eat for weeks were beets. 

As always there were a few little things here and there that I wouldn’t agree with, but over all it is a great and faith building book. It’s also written in a family-friendly way without any disturbing details, even though they lived through hash and hostile situations. 

I am giving To China and Back Four stars and I recommend it to anyone. 

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