One of My Writing Heroes

Back when I was a cute little seven-year-old with missing teeth and pigtails my grandma sent our family a book that had been written by a man who lived in her retirement village. It was called The Tiger Shark Strikes Again and was a mystery involving four kids in Hong Kong. 
My parents were leaving for a week-long trip and so after they pulled out of our driveway my oldest sister sat us all down in the living room and showed us the book and told us that for a treat while Mom and Dad were away she would read us a chapter each day. We were happy and settled down right away to hear the first installment. 
Several hours later my sister finished the last page and we all sighed in contentment, happy with how the mystery had panned out. (So much for reading a chapter each day! It had been to enthralling to put down.)
Fast-forward eight years and I was one of those bookwormish fifteen-year-olds who had devoured the book several times over and enjoyed it each time. After years of having our grandma come and visit us, we were finally going to visit her. We were excited not only to get to see her, but also at the thought of maybe meeting Mr. Bollback, the well-loved author of The Tiger Shark Strikes Again. 
I was beyond thrilled when our family not only got to meet Mr. Bollback (he was a deacon at the church there and came up and introduced himself to us), but then we became friends with him and his wife. 
Over the last seven years I’ve had many delightful conversations with the sweet couple, heard almost unbelievable accounts of their years spent in China and Hong Kong (you should really check out these books he’s written: To China and Back, Exiles of Hope, Red Runs the River,). 
Mr. Bollback also played a big part in encouraging me with my writing, especially early on in my writing career. He not only gave tons of advice, answered lots of random questions, told me I could do it and spurred me on, he also read several of my books, gave me feedback and inspiration to continue on even when it got difficult and even wrote an endorsement for one of my self-published books. 
I was delighted to get to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Bollback again last week and came away feeling encouraged and inspired. Despite having a few health issues they are still standing strong for Jesus and work at spreading His truth and love. At an age when most people feel like they can sit back and do nothing, they are still hosting Bible Studies and helping people learn more about God. (They just celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary, how cool is that?!?)

I am so thankful to have people like Mr. and Mrs. Bollback in my life. They have done so much that will count for eternity and I feel blessed to call them my friends.

* * *

And, I thought I’d share with you the sweet endorsement Mr. Bollback wrote for my book, Dusk
Dusk is the first book in the Turglar Trilogy that promises to be an outstanding and fascinating series. 

The author, young Aidyl Ewoh, is a young woman with an unusual spiritual depth to her writing far beyond her years. After reading two or three chapters I was struck by the impression that this is a modern day Pilgrim’s Progress series in the making. 

There are many books appearing on the market by aspiring authors who hope to be a success, but in order to accomplish that they often stoop to a low level of morality. This book is just the opposite. Rather than stoop to such a level, the author lifts you up to a higher plane with a story that is at once fascinating while at the same time instills a sense of peace and joy as you read. 

The land of Turglar was taken over by a harsh and cruel ruler who eliminated the royal family, but two decades later the rumor was confirmed that Princess Shalom survived. With keen understanding of human nature and the Bible, this story reveals the deep longing of the inhabitants of the land for the joy of once again freely reading and possessing God’s Word, the Path Book. 
Families will profit immensely by reading this book together and discussing the spiritual implications of each chapter. Get ready for a spiritual treat that will lift your spirit and fill your heart with anticipation for the fulfillment of God’s plan for our world.
* * *
Check out all of Mr. Bollbacks Jack and Jenny Mysteries here: Smugglers in Hong Kong, Mystery of the Counterfeit Money, Hijacked, Rescue at Cripple Creek, and The Tiger Shark Strikes Again

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