Traveling Update

I’m on my way home from visiting out-of-state family and will, Lord willing, arrive home tomorrow evening. I got a ton done on the second/third draft of my book during this trip and I’m excited about how it’s progressing. As productive as these last few weeks were, my blogging, unfortunately, suffered quite a bit and I’m eager to being back in my cosy office and blogging regularly again. 
I’m looking forward to being at home for the next couple of weeks. I don’t have any planned trips away from home until I get to go caving in Tennessee the second weekend in September. (I am so excited about caving again!) It will be nice to have some time to be in a routine at home.

A few weeks ago I counted it up and tonight will be the 222 night of the year and it will also be my 111 night away from home. Considering the fact that we barely ever traveled when I was growing up, I still sometimes have a hard time realizing that this is actually my existence.

I feel so blessed to get to see so much of the world and experience different cultures and meet people from all over, but it’s so rewarding to get back home. 

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