My Top Ten Favorite Posts

Recently I was looking through Noveltea and reading some of my favorite posts from throughout the years. All of these posts have special meaning to me and I can still remember where I was when I wrote most of them and the circumstances surrounding their creation. 
I have over 850 posts published so it was a little bit of work to narrow them down. I originally thought that coming up with my top ten favorites would be a quick job but so many moments in my life tugged at my heart begging to be included in the list so it ended up taking a while. 
I’ve tried to number them starting at my very favorite but I’m not sure I totally agree with the rating I gave them. Y’all can at least get a glimpse though, right? I also wrote a little bit about each post and included a link so if any of them catch your fancy you can click over and read them for yourself. 
Noveltea has definitely been through a lot over the years and I’m so thankful for all y’all who have stuck around and become a part of my life. 

#1 My Week Away: This post is my favorite, hardest, and probably longest post. It marks a turning point in my life. The closing of one chapter and the opening of another. It was one written during one of the most important parts of my life.

#2 My Identity: This is one is a very raw and real form of me. I poured so many emotions into it that it took me days to finally have them gathered up enough to form cohesive sentences. It was written during a difficult time in my writing journey.  
#3 Sarah: Who doesn’t dream of having a best friend? I’ve been so incredibly blessed by mine and loved putting together this post that talks about our friendship over the years. 
#4 Dear Clara: This. This post. So filled with happiness. And cuteness. Cuteness beyond compare. How could I not feel warm circles when I look at it? 
#5 Surprise!: This is one of my extremely happy posts. I have a barrage of happy memories every time I read it or look at the pictures. Plus, I constructed this post in my brain for about two months before I was finally able to post it so it was quite exciting to finally have out in the open. 
#6 Fear: This post was written when I was learning some difficult and exciting lessons in life. When something that I’ve been fighting for suddenly becomes clear it’s a rewarding and happy moment. 
#7 Making a Difference: Ah yes! I’m not sure if I’m an overachiever or just have an unrealistic view of what one person named Aidyl can do, but this is a very clear picture of my life. 
#8 My Immensely Exciting News: Well, I think the title says it all. 
#9 Words: Words. The way they ebb and flow and wash over my soul. Words play such a huge part in my life and I delight in placing them together in such a way that they paint a picture. 
#10 Twenty-Two: Ah, my birthday. Growing up twenty-two was a milestone that I thought would launch me into a new era of life. Reaching that magical number was an interesting time of looking back on what my life has been like and looking forward to what God has in store for me in the future.
* * * 

I would be delighted to hear which posts are your favorite, or if you have a blog of your own you can leave a link in the comment section of your favorite post from your own blog and I’ll check it out.

Bonus! Here are a few of those posts I talked about at the beginning of the post that almost made it onto the top twelve:

The Hiding Place Part One & Two
Of Goats and TV Stations  

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