Hand of Providence – Book Review

Hand of Providence 
By Mary Beth Brown 
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Third person 
Various points of views (from quotes, etc…)
240 pages 
About the Book
(Backcover blurb)

According to recent opinion polls, Ronald Reagan is the most popular of modern presidents, and yet to most biographers the man is still an enigma.  This is because, as Brown explains, no one has ever focused on this great man’s faith.  

This book explores the life and personality of Ronald Reagan by focusing on his deep-felt Christian beliefs and showing how faith guided him along his distinguished career and led him to his unprecedented success.  With the support of Ronald Reagan’s own words and writings and first-hand interviews of Ronald Reagan’s family, friends, and co-workers, Brown weaves a magnificent story of Reagan’s strong devotion to God that will not only inspire Christians to enter public service and allow their faith to motivate all their actions but also help point others to the Cross of Jesus Christ-a cause that was near and dear to President Reagan’s heart.

Why I Choose this Book

My mom recommended this book so highly that she gave it to each family member for Christmas last year. How could I not want to read it? 

What I Thought 
I love history and I found this book to be brimming with a story that was so engaging that it sucked me in and left me wanting to share bits and pieces of the adventure with everyone else. In fact, I read most of it while on a longish car ride and brought my car-mates to laughter many times when I would randomly blurt out stuff like 
“Did you know Ronald Reagan oldest son was adopted?” or 
“Did you know Ronald Reagan had a fan write to him when he was an actor and they were pen-pals for the next 51 years and he wrote her 275 letters?” (then of course we had to average out how often he wrote to her) or 

“Did you know that during his presidency Ronald Reagan stopped going to church after someone tried to assassinate him because he didn’t want to put people at church in danger?” or
“Did you know that communists tried to take over Hollywood?” And my list went on and on.

Hand of Providence was not only interesting and engaging, but it was also inspiring. It was encouraging to see how wholly one of the former leaders of our country relied on God and was not remiss in giving Him the glory and honor that is due Him.


Of course Mr. Reagan’s life wasn’t perfect and the book doesn’t portray it as such, but it did make me want to reach for higher levels and strive to become more.

There are a few scenes that might be traumatic to youngish children.


I’m giving Hand of Providence five stars and I would recommend this book to anyone.

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