When Life Hands You Lymes #79

Hey everyone! After a great day of work at my non-writing job I’m finally sitting down and getting the 79th segment of my fictional story, When Life Hands You Lymes posted for today. I hope y’all enjoy! 

I’m awoken the next morning by Mom as she gives me my morning medicine. “Time to get up, Madalyn.” 
I yawn and look around. “What time is it?” 
“Ten a.m. We have company coming. Remember me telling you about the Jennings family spending a couple of days here?” Mom holds out a couple of vitamins and I dutifully swallow them.
I feel like such a baby how Mom has to help me with everything and remind me about our company. “Ok. I’m getting up.” We’ve known the Jennings for longer than I can remember. They live in South Carolina though so we don’t get to see them very often. I had remembered that they were coming for a visit, I had just forgotten when the visit was. 
“Dad, Darrick and I are going to pick them up at the airport. Would you like to come along with us? We’re leaving early so we can check up on how everything is going.” 
I rub my forehead while thinking of the previous visits we’ve had with our friends. Emily Jennings and I don’t do a ton throughout the year, but whenever we visit we have a total blast. Right now though I’m feeling anything but social. “I’ll wait here.” 
“Alright. Do you need me to get you anything else before I go?” Mom is halfway across the room and I know she’s in a hurry. 
“I’m fine.” I drag myself out of bed and look out the window that overlooks our driveway. About five minutes later I see the family drive away. “I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!” I pound my fist against the wall. “Oh I hate it!” I scream the words and then bury my face in my hands. 
At lunch time it takes all of my willpower to hold back my urge to hyperventilate as I go downstairs and pull on a cheerful face as I greet our guests. After hugs and pleasantries are exchanged I fall to the back of the group as they head into the dinning room. At the last minute a panicky feeling overwhelms me and I slip away from the group and run upstairs where I slam my door shut and then lean against it, my breath coming in gasps. 
“People, so many people.” I gasp out as I take in short little breaths and let them out in puffs. I can feel my heart racing and it feels like I just barely missed some grand calamity. 
Are you going to eat lunch with us? Mom’s text makes me close my eyes and shake my head, even though she can’t see me. 
No, I’m sorry. I’m not feeling up to it. I am hungry though. Do you think Darrick or Carter could bring me something to eat? Ugg. I am such a sissy. The thought of going down and facing people though makes me feel all shaky. 
Ok. Mom’s short reply makes me hit my head against the door. I realize she has company and texting isn’t exactly a polite thing to do, but I’m feeling so utterly lonely and I don’t feel like cutting off all communication with the human race just yet, even though I don’t feel like seeing them in person. 

How’s it going? I send a quick text to Julia and then head into my music studio. Weariness overtakes me again though, so instead of practicing I lie down on the couch to rest. I pull up Jason’s number Doing anything fun this Saturday? I send the text then scroll through my contacts, wondering if there’s anyone else I can try and make contact with. I don’t have very many people I contact on a regular basis, so I don’t come up with many. A simple Hey is sent to Katie, if she wants to text she’ll ask what’s up. I was just admiring my curtains again. Thank you for making them, is what I send to Abbie. Then I set my phone on my stomach and wait. And wait. My phone is silent. My door is silent. My life is silent. I can’t hold back the feeling of being cut off from the rest of the world. 

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