Sharing a Snippet

Hey y’all! It’s been a while since I did my last writing/editing update so I figured I would post one today. The problem is I haven’t been doing a lot with my writing/editing recently. Sure, I’ve been moseying along but not really getting anywhere. What I have been trying to do though is edit When Life Hands You Lymes. Therefore, I thought I’d share a little segment with y’all that I really like. It’s one that I added in later on and pretty much would give a big hug to if it were possible. Enjoy!
Setting: The four siblings having a picnic by the ocean on Prince Edward Island. 
We slipped and slid down the red earthen bank, bubbles of joy danced around my heart. I closed my eyes and felt the luscious sea wind blowing on me, tugging my hair that framed my face and tickling my nose. 
I opened my eyes when I felt someone tuck their arm through mine. 
“This feels like a movie, doesn’t it?” Katie asked. Her voice is relaxed, happy. 
I nodded as I felt the beauty enveloping my soul.
“Are you two coming?” Jason waved at us from down closer to the beach. 
“The water’s refreshing, come join us!” Darrick extended the invitation. 
“Refreshing?” Katie cupped one hand around her mouth to shout at them. “Don’t you mean freezing?” Katie and I skipped toward the swelling waves.
* * * 
“Darrick, what are you thinking?” Katie nudged him with her foot. 
“I’m just being quiet like normal.” Darrick shrugged.
“Ha!” Katie scooted to the edge of the picnic blanket. “Any time you’re being quiet  means you’re planning something mischievous.” 
“Where’s your faith in humankind?” Darrick grumbled as he held out his hands in a show of innocence. 
“It dissipated a little over twenty years ago when I became a big sister.” Katie glared and crossed her arms over her chest. “I don’t think you realize what you’ve put me through over the years.” 
“She’s turning into a cynical old lady.” Darrick shook his head sadly and stole one of Jason’s carrot sticks, crunching it loudly. 
“Sorry, I have to side with her on this one.” Jason tossed another carrot stick at him. “Do you remember the time I had friends over and you lured us outside and plastered mud all over us and when we went inside to clean up you’d turned off all the hot water and turned up the AC? And this was in November!” 
“Or the time I had friends over,” Katie jumped in, “and you came downstairs to our theater and convinced us you were sleep walking and talking and you told all sorts of embarrassing stories from when I was younger?” 
“Or what all the times you poured stake sauce, soy sauce or whatever in my iced tea when we’d go out to eat?” Jason grimaced just thinking about it. 
“And you told me that applesauce came from a hole drilled in an apple tree.” Katie looked disgusted. “I got in trouble for those holes you know.”
Darrick laughed gleefully, “You’re older than me. You’re supposed to know better than that.” 
“Hey, I’m older than you, too, but somehow you got me to believe that if someone was born left-handed it meant they were allergic to tree nuts.” Jason rummaged in the picnic basket and pulled out a package of nuts and began munching on them. “Which I later found has absolutely no validity.”
“What about you, Madds? Surely our dear brother’s tricked you at some time.” 
“One time he convinced me that it would taste like candy if I licked a battery.” 
Darrick hooted with laughter at my words. 
“Oh yeah, he tried that one on me, too.” Katie shivered. “Thankfully I knew the truth.” 
“It was a rather shocking experience, you’ve got to admit.” Darrick looked smug at his pun usage. 
“Hardy ha ha.” Katie was not impressed. 
“If I remember correctly you’re not without fault in the younger sibling arena,” Jason grinned at Katie then threw an almond up in the air and caught it in his mouth. “I have lots of stories I could tell if I cared to.” 
“I guess I’m the only perfect older sibling here,” I gave myself a pat on my back. “Which isn’t hard to understand.”
“Duh since you’re the youngest.” Katie stuck her tongue out at me producing gales of laughter from our brothers. 
“Here you act so old then pull a trick like sticking out your tongue, that is so kindergarden.” Jason flicked at nut at me. “You might not have been an ornery big sister to anyone, but you were enough trouble as a kid that I began bargaining with Mom to do anything other than baby sit you.” 
“Oh yeah!” Katie and Darrick pounce on this train of thought like cats on a mouse. 

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