This Thing Called Life

If I were to welcome you into my world right now, you’d probably be surprised. You’d see me sitting up at my best friend’s house, wearing a pair of her socks and sipping peach tea as I flit around the house rocking her baby, cooking, helping out, enjoying pleasant conversation and sitting down to blog when I have a moment to grab.  
Or if you’d stop by an hour from now you’d see me sitting at work with my co-workers around a table as we iron out the details for business meetings that are starting tomorrow. You’d hear a lot about job distribution, keeping things flowing smoothly, menus and schedules. 
Tomorrow you’d stumble upon gales of laughter, sanity checks and rushing about the kitchen as we try to keep on top of everything. You’d hear lots of “What should I do?” and “Don’t you think we should have the green beans cooking by now if we want to have them ready for supper?” and “Oh, dear, someone turned off the oven!” You’d probably have a completely different view of yours truly if you saw me during the ten minutes before a meal was supposed to be served. It’s a scary sight. 

 If you stopped by you’d also hear about an encouraging conversation I had recently that made me realize I wasn’t spending focused time with God each day like I should. You’d see how that conversation helped me put my life back in perspective and how I’ve been a lot more at peace since I’ve been focusing on God and His promises instead of all the problems I see around me.

If you were sitting next to me I’d share with you the verse I’m choosing to focus on today and how I’m ok with not being as amazing as I wish I were, because I’m not called to be amazing, I’m called to be thankful and at peace.

If you were here with me you’d know that my life isn’t all that I had imagined or dreamed of. My plans have been pulled out from under me, but that’s ok. My plans aren’t the ones that matter. It’s His plans that are the best.

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