Big Picture People – Book Review

Big Picture People 
By Doug Carter
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First person
One point of view 
118 pages 

About the Book
The job is too big. The resources are too small. It’s just too easy. It’s just too difficult. 
Naysayers are never in short supply! Tackle a job seemingly behind your abilities, and you’ll find them in every direction. But God’s people learn to disregard negativism and see beyond the obvious. They focus their vision on God Himself, His higher purposes, His never failing strength. In short, they’ve learned to see the big picture. 
Why I Choose this Book
I’ve actually already read this book at least once, probably several times, over the past few years. Our family has become friends with the author and his life, and his book, are inspiring. Big Picture People is a quick and easy read (probably three hours at the most) and it’s encouraging and uplifting. 
What I Thought

I really wish more people would read books like this. It talks about how many people go through life with a ‘knothole view’ instead of stepping back and seeing the big picture. Learning to see the big picture is truly a life changing experience. 
God has a huge plan for each of His children’s lives. When we give our lives over to Him and really start to seek Him and follow Him then our lives become so much more than they could ever be on our own. 
This book helps us see better who God is and who we are and how God can use us. 

This book has a bunch of quotes, Bible verses, personal stories and practical insight and is put together in such a way that it’s really easy to read and enjoyable and inspiring all at the same time. I would happily give this book to a ten-year-old and thirty-year-old and ninety-year-old and expect them to all learn and grow from it. 


I’m giving Big Picture People five stars and I would recommend it to anyone. 
Praise for Big Picture People: 

“In [Big Picture People] Doug shares vital keys to experiencing intimacy with Christ and making a maximum difference in His kingdom. Filled with wit and wisdom, this book is an easy read, but will profoundly change your life.” -John Maxwell, founder of INJOY Group

“With refreshing style, Doug Carter has written a wonderful book for Christians who want to press beyond mediocrity and rise to excellence in their faith. [It is] full of practical insights for those who are eager to grow as disciples of Christ.” -Bill McCartney, founder and president of Promise Keepers

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