A Happy Little Milestone

There are days when I’m really not entirely thrilled about being a writer. The work that I spend on my writing seems to be way more taxing then the payoff justifies and my heart sometimes takes a nosedive. 
But I continue on and keep working on my writing because do you know what? Writing is a gift. Words are a gift. Being able to craft a story is a gift. And I feel honored to have been given this gift and want to make sure I use it to the best of my ability. 
You see the second part of Luke 12:48 says From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more. All of us have gifts that we’ve been given and each one of those gifts are special. Our job is to take the talents and gifts that God has given us and hone and shape them to bring Him honor. 

Then there are days when I can actually see results with my writing and my world grows a rosy hue and I feel like dancing around and hugging everyone and celebrating.

Yesterday was the first time I signed one of my Cool Critters of the Ice Age book which is a notable milestone. Having a new book out and seeing people interested in it and buying it makes my little heart happy. It’s as if I’m getting to share a special part of my world with someone else and that is a honor.

I grew up loving to read and pouring over books for hours at a time. I would dream of one day meeting an author or, gasp, even being one. And now I have that spectacular privilege of meeting children who love to read, too.

These happy times help me to keep my focus during the long hours of writing and editing and remind me that what I am doing really does make a difference.

* * *
What about you? What is one way you encourage yourself to keep going?
I’m at the Creation Museum this week, y’all, so if you’re in the area you should really stop by! 

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