A Dash of Inspiring

No, I did not forget about my blog.

What happened is that my computer decided to rebel again, only this time worse than before. Hence I had to wait until I got a new (for me) laptop so I could continue this journey of blogging. The demise of my laptop also happened to coincide with a sudden strong urge to work on the second draft of When Life Hands You Lymes. See, I’ve been dreading the book and imagining all of the problems that are in it and hardly even daring even to peek at the words (although I did get the first half of the book read) and then boom! All at once I feel like hugging the words and dancing around with the book and editing, editing, editing. (Strange, no?)

I finally got desperate enough that I borrowed a laptop yesterday and downloaded my WIP from my email and spent a while going over the first chapter with a fine-toothed comb. It was glorious. The story wasn’t nearly as horrible as I thought it would be (in fact I was kinda impressed) and I had a lightbulb moment about a problem that needed fixed and I was once again reminded that editing can actually be fun.

And now to the post that I’ve been waiting to blog this whole week.

Work was crazy last week. Wonderful, but a little bit stretching. And added to that I was getting sick so there were a couple of instances when I wanted to find a dark corner and curl up and cry. So, being the resourceful person I am, I scouted out a dark, far away corner and sat down and cried and prayed and asked God for a lot of grace.

Then, while waiting for my face to return to somewhat of a normal state after my sob fest I checked my emails. The day before I had received an email from Ashley, fellow blogger, wondering if I was alright with her posting about me on her blog for a challenge she was doing. I had sent back a quick email telling her I would be honored and requesting a link to the blog. Well, when I checked my email I had a link, so I clicked on it.

The post was entitled Inspired By and I’m pretty sure my mouth dropped open as I read the post. I’m so very thankful to Ashley that she took the time to write the post and I’m also a little bit shocked that I could be so inspiring. (After all, I was reading the post right after having a crying session at work.)

There were several thoughts tumbling around inside my head as a read the post, the top ones being:

Woah, this encouragement came at just the right time! Thank You, God!

Wait a second, I thought I was really real and raw on my blog, but this sounds way too good to be me! 


Oh my! Ashley is so incredibly sweet! 

It also reminded me that a lot of the time we don’t know how our actions are effecting other people and that instead of getting discouraged when it feels like we’re getting no where in life, we should continue plowing ahead toward our goal.

I’ve blogged for three years now and for the last year it’s been very rare that I don’t blog four or five days a week. (This week being a sad exception due to lack of computer.) I spend hours each week pouring out my thoughts, ideas, triumphs and struggles onto Noveltea and hardly ever hear a word back from any of Noveltea’s readers. And that’s fine. That’s the nature of blogging. Then I receive the email from Ashley at the perfect time letting me know that I’m an inspiration to her and my whole week was seriously better because of that.

Then, due to my busy week and not feeling well I didn’t email Ashley until today thanking her for the blog post and therefore she had no clue how big of an impact she had in my week. (By the way, THANK YOU Ashley! I really appreciate you and your post!)

So, my challenge for you today is to tell someone who inspires you how much they have impacted their life and in that way you can spread a little bit of sunshine. And, while you’re at it, remember that you are impacting the lives around you, too!

* * *
Who is someone who you are inspired by? 

6 thoughts on “A Dash of Inspiring

  1. Sarah Margaret♥ says:

    Editing can be super fun. 😉 I'm doing Camp NaNo and working on editing my 31k novella. So far so good! I'm supposed to be doing that right now actually. 😉

    I love it when a random person inspires me, someone who doesn't even know about my problems because then I know it was from God. 🙂 Have a lovely day!


  2. Bekah says:

    Such a lovely post, Aidyl! It's awesome how the Lord knows right at the exact moment that we need encouragement, isn't it?

    I hope editing goes well for When Life Hands You Lymes! It's always exciting to begin going through a book that you've written. 🙂

    I hope that you have a blessed day!



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