The Focus Game

There are times when writing has to be put on a back burner because I’m crazy busy with life or my other job or just breathing in the essences of aliveness. This is one of those such weeks. I have a huge week at my non-writing job that is keeping me on my toes. It’s a fun kind of on my little toes though, so you’re not hearing any complaining from me.

I do miss writing when it comes to these ‘not so writing weeks’ though. Stories bubble out of me and sound extremely fantastic inside my brain when I’m going to and from work. If I get the time to actually sit down and work on them though, they kinda fizz out and don’t make much sense any more.

My writing goal for these next few months is to work on the second draft of my book When Life Hands You Lymes. I haven’t gotten very far along in that process yet. As in I’ve only read through the first draft. I’ve not even begun making changes to actually constitute being in the second draft. There have been a few nearly-freaking-out-sessions when I think of the huge task ahead of me, but mostly I’ve been able to stay relatively calm and enjoy the process. That’s a big thing I’m working on: Enjoying the journey of being an author.

See, when I talk about my writing I’m not talking about something that I plan on working on for six months. Or a year. Or ten years. I’m seeing a life-long work in progress. (Not for one book of course, but for my writing journey.) And if I stress myself out and develop a bad taste for writing at this early age then it’s going to be pretty hard to continue firing myself up and keeping motivated for the next eighty or so years.

I’m a passionate all-or-nothing person a lot of the time and when my attention is divided between writing, non-writing job, family, traveling and life in general I sometimes want to just curl up in a ball and go to sleep because it feels like there’s too much going on to actually accomplish anything. I’ve been working on taking one task at a time and focusing my attention on it so I don’t worry about everything else that I should be doing, or I think I should be doing or I want to be doing.

And speaking of focusing: I’ve got to get to my other job now.

What about you? How do you stay focused on the most important tasks of your day?

One of the cool parts about this week is I finally got to meet my sweet little (actually not so little!) nephew!

4 thoughts on “The Focus Game

  1. Evy Cartyr says:

    I've had the same problems. I can focus on work and other areas of life, but I have trouble with writing. I think I need to just set aside time each day and make myself do it


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