Happy Summer, Everyone! 
Sometimes it seems like seasons slip by me without me even noticing. If it weren’t for the date on the calendar I would have no clue when spring ended and summer started. They merge together and almost become one for several weeks before summer becomes more defined. 
Each season has definite advantages and drawbacks. Some seasons I like more than others (autumn!) but there aren’t any seasons that I actually dislike. Although there are a few days each year when I long for another season to be gracing the land around me. During the hottest days of summer I pine for the coolness of autumn. During the most downcast days of spring I miss the whiteness of winter. 
When I stop and think about it though, I realize that the muddiness of winter and the mugginess of summer work together to create a more well-rounded, four-season year around me and each day has it’s own special and unique brand of beauty even when it’s hard to see at the time. 
So, instead of holding on to autumn with all my might and begging for the world to stop changing around me or shunning the heat of summer and trying to make it fade into the past I’ve learned to go with the flow, to make memories and find joy in each day as it passes. 
And it has made my life so much more rich. 

Sometimes I feel like it’s the same way with the seasons of life. There have been some seasons that I’ve found to be so delightful and beautiful that I wake up wanting to hug the world and dance through hay fields. But when I notice the season beginning to change I keep a firm grasp on the time and fight against reality, begging the world to stop turning.

What happens is I forget to embrace the new season I’m entering because I’m kicking so hard in an attempt to get back into a season that is now in the past.

Each season has beauty though, even when it’s almost hidden in the gray skies and muggy weather and muddy, soggy ground.

And looking for that beauty and embracing it has made my life so much more rich. 

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