10 Snippets from *When Life Hands You Lymes*

This morning I hit the half-way mark on reading my WIP When Life Hands You Lymes. Since that’s somewhere around 300 pages and it took me weeks to work up the nerve to read it at all, I’m pretty pleased. And do you know what? It’s actually fairly good. I even decided to share some of it with y’all. (I’d been thinking of posting some of the snippets on here and then a blog I follow shared some snippets of her WIP and I was like Coolio! I should do that too! and so here you go.) 
So, just to make sure we’re clear: These snippets are unedited. I’ve been reading WLHYL on my phone  so I can’t get distracted with editing and I just took screen shots of some of the story. Without further ado, here it is:
 * * *


* * * 
* * *
 * * *
* * *


* * *


* * *
* * *

And there you have it, folks! Kind of a sneak-peak at what I have to work with when I plunge head-long into the second draft of When Life Hands You Lymes. As always I would be delighted to hear your thoughts and if you feel so inclined to let me know which snippet is your favorite that would make me very happy indeed. 

8 thoughts on “10 Snippets from *When Life Hands You Lymes*

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, all of them are do good it's hard to pick just one! I really like # 5 and #10 though. ' But you'd be a cute grinch', love it! Can't wait to read the finished product! Keep up the good work!
    Hannah M.


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