Book Snob: Six Things that Make My Readerly Heart Happy

Last month I posted about six things that make me cringe in books. This month I thought I’d post about six things that make my little readerly heart happy: 
1. Amazing and realistic relationships. It doesn’t matter if it’s a parent/child, friend/friend, sibling/sibling, older person/younger person, etc… If the relationship makes me root for the problems to be worked out and fills me with happy feels when they interact then the story automatically rates higher in my book. Especially if they overcome a hardship together and are able to emerge stronger. 
2. Creative characters. I know this is totally a me-thing because I’m a writer, but when there’s a character who is a journalist, photographer, seamstress, artist, author, musician or similar creativity-driven occupation then I find myself making a connection. Even if they live in another century, in a totally different setting and in a country far, far away, I still have the “I got you bro” feeling. 
3. Distinct descriptions. One of the best things about reading is seeing the world from someone else’s eyes. When I read a book I see everything playing out in my head like a movie. The new ways I’ve learned to view “common” objects has enriched my life. 

4. A book that makes me laugh or cry. And double points if the book can make me do both. Triple points if I’m doing both within a couple of minutes of each other.
It’s not hard for me to engage in a book. I express myself best through the written word and I connect really easily through the same medium. It does take something special for me to get close enough to a character for me to actually cry for them though. And laughing out loud? It makes me want to hug the book when that happens. (Except when it’s in public and… Yeah. I have some embarrassing stories I’m not going to be sharing… Just be forewarned: It’s not always appropriate to laugh. Especially when people don’t know you’re reading.)

5. When the cast of characters is unique and easily distinguishable and small enough to keep track of. It’s so easy to get lost when a whole slew of characters are tossed at me like balls at a dunking tank. I like having a few close characters who I can really delve into and learn about and cheer on. I’m totally a character-driven reader.

6. When the ending is satisfying. Endings generally leave me moaning and knocking the book down a half a star or so, so when I find an ending that leaves me content I’m on the moon. I’ve never been able to peg what exactly makes a good ending, but they’re beautiful.

* * *
What about you? What are some things that you like to find in books? 

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