May 2015 in Review

What I focused on in May:

1. Being in Aruba with my family and our business 
2. Hanging out with and sorta helping my adopted parents while they were filming 
3. Welcoming Clara Jeanne into the world and spending time with her family 

Birthday Challenge and Dream List Update:

1. Read 23 Non-fiction books {1}
11. Read the Proverb of the day 3 months (not in a row) {completed} 
13. Go to bed before 10:30 23 times (not in a row) {4}


Reading Update:

Fiction: 11
Non-Fiction: 1
Reviews: 0


14 nights gone 
New countries and states: None
What I’ve Been Learning: 
It seems like each month either brings in a whole new slew of lessons to learn or else reinstates something I’ve already been working on. In May I felt like I had a lot of repeat lessons. 
Finding balance with my writing is an important concept I’ve been struggling to grasp. There are times (like the last few months) where my fingers and brain work perfectly together and I spew out thousands of words each week. Then there are times (like part of April and all of May) where I can hardly even write coherent blog posts (I only wrote 14 of them in May!). I’ve been learning about when to give myself grace and say It’s ok, take a break and focus on something else and when I have to push through and write anyway. 
I’ve also been working on/learning about having the right attitude no matter what’s going on. I’ve had some sort of lingering virus/allergies/or whatever that has made me exhausted. I find that all too often I measure my self worth by what I can accomplish. That means when I’m too tired to do a lot, I get stressed out and struggle to keep the right mind set. Learning to let go while still being balanced isn’t an easy concept for me to get ahold of. 
Friendship/family/loving people has also been a big focus of this month. I’ve learned a lot about putting others before me and really wanting to be there for the people I’m closest to. I’ve also seen how selfish I can be in certain situations. It’s amazing to me how much I’m willing to bend and be flexible for certain people and how I only give the smallest amount of effort for other people. I’m working on being more loving to all those I’m in contact with on a regular basis. 
I’ve also been learning to really hold on to the moments I have right now because life changes so quickly. Far too often I’m tempted to look at the past and wish those times back, but then when I really focus on where I am right now, I realize that the experiences I’m having now are just as wonderful (although in a different way), than what I left behind. Acknowledging that also helps me to stay positive about the future instead of freaking out about it. 
Other Things: 

 When I realized a few days ago that we had been in Aruba just a few weeks earlier I was mildly freaked out because May was such a crazy-long month with so much stuff happening.

I started the month out in Aruba where I had fun swimming in a clear ocean and finding starfish, snorkeling, hanging out with lots of people from our family business, swimming some more, talking with friends, watching movies late at night with a friend in our hotel room and making lots of nice memories. (Not to mention a crazy trip home. Traveling with my family equals excitement.)

We got home on the 7th and on the 11th I went to my adopted parent’s house for three days to hang out/help/get story ideas since the film crew was there so they could work on the next two DVDs in the Amazing Adventures with Buddy Davis series. I had a lot of fun with them and of course came up with a brain full of ideas for future books.

I also started my 23 before 23 challenge of getting up each morning at 6:15 or earlier for 23 days in a row. There were some times when I took a nap about a half an hour later (Hey! I had some late nights), but I did complete the challenge (today, not in May). It was a challenge I’m very glad to have done. (Getting up at 6:15 isn’t that hard, of course. It’s just getting up at 6:15 when I have crazy-late nights isn’t my cup of tea.)

The next week I did a variety of things at home (including cutting grass, oh, happy day!) and then of course I was busy during the last few days of May welcoming darling Clara into our world and helping her get settled into her new home.

What about you? What did your May look like? 

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