When Life Hands You Lymes # 72

Hey everyone! Yes, yes, yes… I know I’m very late with this post. I do have a good reason though. A very good reason. I can’t say quite yet what that reason is, but I’ll let y’all know tomorrow or Monday. (How’s that for a little bit of added intrigue?) 
So, here we are with the 72nd segment of my fictional story, When Life Hands You Lymes

“Well, Madalyn, you have Lyme disease.” 
My life that had been weaving out of control for the last two years skidded to a halt. “What did you say?” Excitement began bubbling up in my chest. 
“You have Lyme disease.” 
If I would have thought about it I probably would have considered it inappropriate to be thrilled at such a loathsome diagnosis, but I had a diagnosis and that’s what mattered. “Mom! Did you hear that?” Reaching over I shook her arm. I laughed and cried at the same time. “I feel like a horse-crazy child who just got her own pony for Christmas.” I danced around the room. 
“We have answers.” Mom’s smile matched mine as she got up and gave me a hug. 
“After two and a half years we can stop going to doctor after doctor getting poked and prodded and laughed at and made fun of.” I slump back in my seat in delight and relief. “My life has improved greatly in the last five minutes.” 
“Hope is a very powerful thing.” Dr. Shay smiled, producing another grin from me. 
Dr. Shay allows us a few more minutes to dwell and bask in the exciting news before she brings us back to business. “Recovering from Lyme disease is very possible. You’ll likely be told it isn’t, because some doctors lean that way. I’ve done enough research though, and I’m living proof to say with all confidence that you will one day be better.”
I nod. 
“It’s a process you’ll have to take very seriously though.” 
“I can do that.” 
“Madalyn is very disciplined,” Mom smiles. “She’ll do well with whatever regime you give her.” 
“I’m glad to hear that.” Dr. Shay pulls a folder out of a filing cabinet drawer. 
“How long will it take for me to recover?” The little bit that I read about Lyme disease the night before makes me think I need to be prepared to be in it for the long haul. 
“It will be a long process.” Dr. Shay avoids giving me a concrete-answer and gauges my reaction and goes on once she sees I’m not freaking out. “Imagine you as a sponge. When you’re healthy it’s like the sponge is being full of water. The Lyme disease has drained all the health from you though and that’s like the sponge being wrung dry.” 
I nod. 
“And since you’ve been sick for so long the sponge isn’t only wrung out, it’s also dried hard.” Dr. Shay taps the folder she’s holding on the desk. “What we’re going to do is pour so much nutrient into your body that eventually the sponge will soften again and in time fill up with water and you’ll be healthy.” 
“Makes sense.” 
“So you’re with me so far?” 
“Yes, ma’am.” 
“Can you handle more information?” 
“Do you know what a herxhimer reaction is?” 
“That’s what we call it when taking medicine makes someone with Lyme disease feel worse.” 
“Why is that?” 
“When you begin taking the herbs that kill the Lyme spirochetes then they die and make you really sick.” Her explanation goes on, but my brain refuses to keep up. “You’ve zoned out, haven’t you?” 
“It’s a lot to take in.”
“I know.” She smiles. “You’re doing fine and your mom’s taking notes so no worries.” 
I zone out, thinking of the difference between Dr. Shay and the other doctor’s we’ve gone to. Dr. Shay is by far my favorite and not just because she finally found a diagnosis for me. 
“I need you to focus for a little bit now, alright?” Dr. Shay’s question brings me back to the comfortable room we’re sitting in. 
“One of the most important things for getting over Lyme disease is ensuring that we’re filling your body with the most nutritious food possible. That means we’re going to have to totally cut out all processed foods, white starches and go mainly raw for the next six months.” 
I nod.

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