When Life Hands You Lymes #70

Goodness, my blogging has been sporadic this month, hasn’t it? Well, I’m home now so hopefully that means I’ll be able to settle back into some semblance of routine again. Thank you, everyone, for hanging in there with me! {Just a note: Yesterday I realized that I had been away from home as many nights as I had been home this year. Yikers.}
And now, I’m happy to share the 70th(!!!) segment of my fictional story, When Life Hands You Lymes, with y’all! Please, enjoy!
The month after our doctor’s visit dragged along. I tried to keep busy so I wouldn’t constantly question what my results were going to be, but it was hard to not let my mind wander back to the ten vials of blood the doctor had collected. Surely those little clear plastic tubes held the answers I was desperate for. 
“Hey, do you want to hang out?” 
“Sure.” I’d been happy when my phone rang and Julia’s name popped onto my screen. Getting together with her was a treat I didn’t do nearly often enough. “What did you have in mind?” 
“If you’re feeling up to it I thought it would be fun to go and visit Cara Martin.” 
Cara Martin was a lady from our church who was on bed-rest due to some complications in her pregnancy. “That sounds like a good idea to me.” It didn’t surprise me that Julia suggested something so thoughtful, she’s an amazing girl. 
“Alright. I can come and pick you up any time you want.” 
I glanced at my clock on the wall, “I can be ready by the time you get here.” 
“Sounds good!” 
When I actually stopped to think about it I began to freak out that I would’t know what to say to Cara or that I’d freak out once I was in her house because little things seemed to set me off, but I was determined to focus on the positive so I blocked all my worried thoughts out of my brain and plastered a smile on my face. 

Our visit with Cara went surprisingly well. Instead of me cheering her up, she cheered me up. Her sense of humor was still intact and instead of being upset over her bed-rest she was thrilled to know it was helping her baby grow and stay healthy. 
When we were ready to leave I leaned over to give Cara a hug. Then, as I was about ready to leave the room Cara grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze, “I know you’ve had some health issues, Madalyn, and I just wanted to let you know that it means the world to me that you came and spent time cheering me up in the midst of it all. I’m used to being active and all over the place so it’s been hard for me to stay still all the time.” Cara’s face lit into a beautiful smile, “But then I see examples like you and I’m reminded that you’re being strong and resting in God’s love and I can, too.” 
My eyes widened. “I don’t think I’m doing as good of a job resting in God’s love and being at peace as I should.” More like I knew I 100% wasn’t. I was grumpy about my health problems far too often and had spent hours in the middle of the night pouting at how I couldn’t handle everything that was going on with my body. 
Cara either didn’t hear what I said or else she ignored it. “There are times when I feel like having an all out pity-party for myself. Ok, honestly there have been times when I have indulged in pity-parties. I’ve discovered though that they never help, instead they leave me feeling empty inside. I think it’s because when I’m focusing on myself and pity, then I am empty. It’s only when I can fill my life with God’s love for others that I’m content again.” 
Cara’s words went around and around in my brain for a long time after we left her house. 
“You seem quiet.” Julia pulled up to a stop sign and stopped. “Are you really tired?” 
“Actually I was thinking that if you had time I would like to go and hang out at the nursing home for a while and visit the people who live there.” 
Julia’s face broke into such a huge smile as she turned on her turning signal that I had to wonder if she’d be hoping for the change in mindset the whole time… 
“I’m thinking about getting a puppy.” Julia’s announcement after we got back into the car after the nursing home took me by surprise. 
“Why’s that?” 
“Let me clarify that. I’m not talking about any little ol’ puppy. I think it would be cool if I could get a puppy and train it to be a therapy dog and then take it to nursing homes and hospitals. Who wouldn’t enjoy getting licked by a sweet little dog?” 
“Me.” I laughed. “Although that does sound like a good idea. Is this a spur of the moment one or one you’ve been pondering for a while?” 
“I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of months now. I really want to make a difference with my life and this is one way that I feel like I can make a difference.” 
For the second time that day I had a sentence running around and around in my head. First Cara is focusing on showing God’s love to others and now Julia’s wanting to make a difference. Maybe if I readjusted my focus in life than I would find more joy and purpose in life, too… 

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