April 2015 in Review

What I focused on in April: 

1. I finished my book When Life Hands You Lymes 
2. I joined and completed the A to Z Challenge 
3. Hanging out with family in Aruba

Birthday Challenge and Dream List Update: 

1. Read 23 Non-fiction books – I read 4 this month
3. Write 23,000 words in one week
4. Write 23 book reviews – I wrote 3 this month
7. Write a card every day for 23 days – I did it this month
15. No texting for 23 days – I did 2 days this month 
* Write a handwritten card every day for a month 
* Write a novel that is over 150,000 words 
* Spend several hours writing in a coffee shop 
Reading Update: 

Fiction: 18
Non-Fiction: 4
Reviews: 3


17 nights gone
New countries and states: Aruba 
What I’ve been Learning: 

Biggest lesson I learned in April: 150,000 words is lot longer than I had realized. Also, a book that has 150,000 words is a lot to keep track of and characters can go through a lot in that long of a story. Plus, finishing a book that size plunges me straight into exhaustion. 
I spent the first several days we were in Aruba trying to work on my next book and only came up with frustration and tears. Finally I realized that I needed to take a step back and just rejuvenate my mind (hence the 18 books I inhaled). I actually have a blog post about this that will be coming along soon. 
I’ve also been learning that as much as I enjoy goals and lists and challenges I can burn myself out. There have been times where I’ve got such a long list of things to do each day just to keep up that I loose my excitement which is not good. I’m working on lightening my challenge and daily goal load for May and giving myself time to focus on bigger projects and life in general. 
Other Things: 

I spent three days in a hotel at the beginning of the month focusing on When Life Hands You Lymes and believe me, there was a lot to focus on. After I got home I gave myself a couple of rest days and then finished the book on Friday the 10th. (And celebrated on Sunday by going out with some friends for a Subway picnic and eating a blizzard from Dairy Queen!) 
That was huge for me. I’m excited/slightly nervous and on the verge of mind-numbing craziness when I think of trying to tackle the second draft of the book. 

Taking part in the A to Z Challenge and finishing WLHYL might have been a little much to tackle at the same time, but in the end I’m glad I did it. This is my third year in a row to do the challenge and I’m happy to have accomplished it. 
Other than the challenge my blogging was really slow this month. I was overwhelmed with all the writing I did during the beginning of the month and just needed a break. Plus, I was hanging out with my family in Aruba and figured that if I kept up with the challenge, I could take a break from the rest of blogging. 
I loved getting to hang out with my family in Aruba (we’re still in Aruba but at a business convention now) was really great! Some day I will hopefully catch up with blogging about it… 
I’m also very happy to have welcomed a new little nephew into my crazy family. And, an extra neat tid-bit is that this baby is my sister’s seventh child and I’m my mom’s seventh child so I’m pretty sure he and I will grow up with a special bond. 
And, last but not least of all I’m excited to announce that right after my three year blogging anniversary Noveltea broke the 300 follower mark. Thank you, Noveltea readers for your loyalty! 

2 thoughts on “April 2015 in Review

  1. Ally R. says:

    Wow, Congratulations on finishing your book! And 300 followers! That's amazing, and it looks like you've had a really productive month. Lot's of reading done, I see 🙂 That's always nice!


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